Curtain Play

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

When architects began to design homes and spaces with large windows, curtains became an important element of interior design and architecture.

However, lately there has been a shift away (at least here in N. America) from curtains and a push toward blinds. I miss the romance and ritual of drawing the curtains closed. I miss the sensuality of the sun peaking through mid day; curtains swaying in wind, encouraging the merging two worlds.

Another time and place, saw me draw the sheers open and closed, depending on the sun, and often of the positioning of the moon, as this became standard, so did the stories of disillusion, fear, promise, and hope. There were always lessons to be learned at the edge of the window sill and in the rustling of the curtains. —tM

Back to the Future

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

So this is how I have been wearing my hair for the past year and a half. I took the risk of cutting my bangs again, and wearing a mid length curly shag. Oh so retro you say? Well yes, and back to the past and into the present/future I have gone.

You see, this was one of my childhood haircuts. It suited me then, and it suits me now. There are a few things that need to be revisited from childhood as you age: passions, hair colour (you childhood colour will always suit you best, especially when needing to cover greys), and in my opinion haircuts. Of course you may have a variation on that said “do”, and I think the trick is to learn how to style it as an adult, but in general those youthful cuts of our past can make us look even more youthful today. Call it nostalgia, or just plain lack or creativity, all I know is that it is working for me.

How about you, what childhood style/accessories have you recently revisited? -tM

Childhood Summers

Photography: Thomas Hoepker

Photography: Thomas Hoepker

My mind has turned to childhood summers, as a way to mentally shield myself from the lack of sunlight and chilly temps these last few days. May we all take a moment to reveal in that freedom, adventure, and urban corner store freeze run; remembering when the days felt as long as our shadows, and where friendships were as important as life itself. -tM

Put Music To Our Troubles and We Will Dance Them Away



I have this childhood friend who not only makes me laugh, but makes me want to dance when in his presence.

That’s the thing about childhood friends, you will always love them because you grew up together and shared the intensity of your formative years with one another.

There is a magic in that, it is called acceptance, and that is all you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. -tM

Photography: Unknown

193, Enroute

Photography: tM

Photography: tM

This empty storefront was once enroute to school. I would visit it mainly on my way home. It was full of candy, old freezers from the 60's, an old man, and his wife.

It was a neighbourhood store that mostly the kids would visit. I remember the owners were Polish, they didn't speak much English. She was spritely and he moved slowly, wore suspenders, brown pants, and a button down short sleeve shirt daily. He had a nose that rose to every occasion. I remember being fascinated by its size and crater shaped holes. He never really spoke, neither did we. He would just reach out his hand and we would place the change right in the center of his heavy palm.

Once she died, I remember even as a child feeling his loneliness and anger. The others would make fun of him. I don't remember if I ever joined in, if I did I have obviously erased it from memory. I don't recall if he ever had children, I hope that he did, that he too  had someone who cared for him into his later years. Many years later I happened to walk by and notice that he was no longer sitting on his stool by the westerly window, all that remained were a few posters still taped to the walls and the window decals.

I stopped.

And took this photo.

In that instant my childhood came rushing back to me in the colour and taste of candy, pennies, nickels, and dimes, in the mouthful of gum that I new I shouldn't be eating, in uncertainty, and in hope.

The photo was taken over 15 years ago now. The store front is long gone, and now the impressions of it are a reminder of my mortality.

It is curious how change can affect a person. We often don't know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. -tM