The Melt

Photography: Emre Unal | ELLE, Turkey

Photography: Emre Unal | ELLE, Turkey

With every summer comes the obligatory melt. The melt that is electric in currency, that sparks creativity, as much as it does resignation. It forces us to slow down, to pay attention to our breath, to acknowledge (albeit in frustration sometimes) how our body moves and feels and to really pay attention to what it needs.

So as frustrating as it can be, “the melt” helps us self-regulate, and slooooow it the f&%* down, because as wild and hectic of a world as we think we may live in, it is no match for creation.

So here is to letting that frustration and resistance go, and to taking it slow, sexy & slow. -tM

Existentialist Minimalism?

Calm, and patient, this video explores the minimalist architecture of Le Corbusier, who was one of the pioneers of urban planning and architecture. He dedicated his life to providing better living conditions for those residing in crowded cities.

I can still hear the ocean and distant highway traffic long after the picture has stopped moving. -tM

Stopping by the Parking Lot on a Sunny Morning

Photography: tM

Photography: tM

Inspired by what surrounds me, the simplicity and quiet of the moment, I stopped to take the photo above.

It captures a feeling of universality and nostalgia, for who hasn't (living in a city) spent days as a child playing in empty parking lots (learning how to ride a bicycle), hanging out by the local gas and sip as a young teen,  wrestling with parking as an adult, and on occasion even baring witness to its demolition only to have another condo go up. 

Parking lots are full of memories for me. I have an affinity toward the vintage ones. -tM

Urban Landscape Architecture

Roberto Burle Marx is Rio's Picasso of urban garden and landscape architecture.

His garden's are like abstract paintings using local flora as colour. His vision as an artist, and urban space designer not only introduced  modernist landscape architecture to Brazil but made him a sought after landscape architect around the world, he has worked on public spaces in Miami, Malaysia, Argentina, and Pennsylvania, to name a few, providing beauty and dignity for the masses. 

His colourful treatment of pavements, symmetrical use of patterns, local plants, and water, transform an otherwise concrete space into an open-air museum of movement and life. 

A beautiful legacy and inspiration left behind for future city planners and landscape architects alike. One can only hope that they keep moving forward in his creative spirit and preservation of nature in art and in life. -tM

Rainy Thoughts

Photography: Martin Parr | Dublin, Ireland | 1981

Photography: Martin Parr | Dublin, Ireland | 1981

"And you will always love me won't you?


And the rain won't make any difference?


- Earnest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


Kids, sometimes rain makes ALL the difference. I have lost count of how many days is has been falling; violently pelting our faces with an avalanche of shower and ice. 

It is beginning to feel biblical. After this long, I am not certain of how much I love anything anymore.

One more day.

They say the sun is coming...

I want to hold a piece of it close to my face. -tM

I Miss You

I fell in love with her, as many do, the first time I saw and felt her light, her energy, and the beauty of her architecture. Needless to say her culture, the style of her people, their joie de vivre, and her je ne sais quoi are also part of her considerable allure. 

I miss her terribly. I miss the energy with which she infuses me and the inspiration that I cultivate just by walking her streets.

I have always felt like she was a life long lover of mine, as our meeting has never been coincidental. My love for her has been in me all along. 

Tell me, what city have you chosen to write your love story with? -tM

Photography: Unknown


My City

Photography: tM

Photography: tM

Sometimes she pisses me off, and then there are times when I go away, even for a day, outside of her open embrace, that I come back loving her even more. It is then that I realize that she does me proud, not only is her city scape beautiful but the people she houses within those walls are a reflection of what she stands for. Her diversity and acceptance make all of her other flaws seem insignificant. And so in gratitude I want to take a moment to appreciate her light. -tM

City Light

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I find the sun so blindingly powerful this time of year as the winter transitions into spring. There is no buffer, no leaves, flowers, or life to absorb its dominant presence. Its poise is alarmingly aggressive despite its pale shade of yellow glow.

Despite the harsh reality of its light on the day, its evening descent is trans-formative, colouring the city some kind of wonderful. It is incredibly forgiving, and at times even painfully beautiful. Sunsets are the cities baptismal awakening. Time and time again, it washes this concrete world or ours and us of our daily sins. 

I can already feel it working. -tM