That Time was like Never, and like Always

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

The communion with nature is so immense that any words used to describe its sanctity fall short.

The other day I took my shoes off and walked through the grass. I needed to feel the soil beneath my concrete treading feet, and in that moment, I felt time dissipate, it was like never, and like always. I need to faithfully nurture that connection to creation; where nothing is waiting. Sometimes when nothing is waiting we find everything. -tM

Something Beyond

Short Film by: Julian Lucas Music: "Analog" by Steven Gutheinz

Viewing this really reinforces that we are part of something so much larger and greater then we ever expected. Julian Lucas's short film strikes a balance between the diverse geographical landscape and the people who live in the vastness of India. Gentle and incredibly full of life, the beauty will move you.