Photography: tM

Getting up close and personal opens up the possibility for an intimate look at the intricacies that make up the whole.

The process can be both magnificently beautiful and fantastically ugly. The duality of life is as such, and you will find it in every living and glorious thing.

It takes courage to stare life in the face, taking steps toward it, rather then away from it.

Lately I have been getting intimately acquainted with myself.  In my opinion there is no better place to start. -tM

Flower Blitz

Lewis Miller is a well established florist and flower design guru in NYC. When he is not working on big elaborate projects he is also known as the flower bandit; making his way around to local NYC monuments and trash cans leaving explosions of flower arrangements to be enjoyed by those passers-by who stop to smell the roses. -tM

Stamens, Carpels, Petals, & Sepals

Photography: Man Ray | Bird of Paradise

My life would not be as beautiful without flowers. 

From conception to birth, they contain within them the most fantastic of miracles. Jesus tells us to contemplate flowers and learn from them how to live. There allure elevates the soul. It is through that essential and universal beauty that we all continue forge a connection.  

They have an awakening power, methodically aligning us to the source of life.

Simply put, they are part of a higher law. -tM