This is a Love Story

Photography: Herbert List | Trattoria; Capri, Italy

Photography: Herbert List | Trattoria; Capri, Italy

A smell, a touch, thoughts, moments, feelings, movements, words said, words barely spoken, they all have a distinct taste or fragrance. When we sit at a table, there is more going on then than just simply satisfying hunger. Permit yourself to linger, as there are many spells to be offered by a good meal, the heart, mind, and spirit rarely leave unsatisfied. -tM

Stories of Old

As simple and as delicious as it is, it has never been straightforward. Bread has always been a direct reflection of economics. To look at bread, is to look at taxation, revolts, and subsidies. It tells the story of life, its struggle and its triumphs; bread is endless in what it can represent. It’s good to critically think about our food beyond our initial consumption from time to time. There is often a narrative there worth understanding. -tM

Photography: Unknown