Summer Life

Photography: Claude Nori | Biarritz, France

Photography: Claude Nori | Biarritz, France

European summers taste and feel so different then our North American ones. It’s a collective celebration of life and its joys under the sun. People don’t run away from its pleasure seeking rays, in fact they embrace the starlight. The suns heat becomes desires fuel; freedom finds its way into the rhythm and pulse of days turned nights, where hands that smell of cigarettes come together in holy prayer on beds where after weeks of boredom have been exchanged for lovers quarrels and salacious nights.

The European summer evokes endless movement and promises of something better then before. -tM

The Affects of Light


Ethereal, mysterious, and sexy. The Gabriel Chandelier designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec as a contemporary source of light and focal point for the Palace Versailles has become the first permanent contemporary installation in the space.

I find it incredibly sensual. Light changes the way you see and feel things. The room almost becomes naked with the permanence of this installation, showing off its curves and lines in the most elegant of ways. -tM

Vacation Mode

Slowing down,

and grooving at a different pace accompanies the warm weather and the barefoot approach to life for me. My mind, body, and spirit, are officially in vacation mode. The above photograph is illustrative of how I have been feeling for days now. I want to lounge, eat, sleep, take dips during the day, and skinny ones in the evening.

How about you? How is your affair with summer progressing? -tM

Photography: Unknown | Serge Casfinger Maison; Provence, FR

Dear Woman,

Photography: tM | France

Dear Woman,

There are going to be moments in your life that will change your entire world in a matter of minutes. These moments will inevitably change you. Let them make you stronger, smarter, kinder, and less judgmental. Mourn, cry, do whatever it takes to release the pain.  Stand firm, straighten out your crown, and keep moving forward. 

"...I am a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me." -Maya Angelou

Secret Corners

Photography: tM | Monaco, France

Photography: tM | Monaco, France

I vividly remember this day. It was hot and I thought I would be a hero and see all of Monaco on foot. What I didn't realize was that its hillside terrain would prove to be both incredibly beautiful and challenging at the same time.

I discovered places I would not have imagined I would venture to because a) I was tired and needed rest b) I was lost. The photograph above was taken at the top of the hillside inside of a cactus garden, overlooking the ocean.

As a succulent, Cacti speak a separate language and emit a different energy from the rest of natural plant life. They are still in form, quiet in spirit, and somewhat aloof in temperament.

I can relate to them. -tM


Le Mont Saint Michel France, 1965 | Photographer: Unknown

There is beauty even in repetition, although sometimes in life it can get boring and monotonous, yet strangely enough we look to our routines for comfort and then curse them for there existence.

In nature, and in design, repetition has a fresh face. It is sublime. It is to be celebrated and admired. It is interesting how patterns and routines in our daily lives become irritating yet in our space and the environments they are an integral part of what brings us joy. Perhaps it is a subconscious or primal desire that goes back to our ancestors.

 I find it fascinating in observation that despite our often times frustration with the above that we continue to decorate and live our lives with recurring design until it becomes fashionable.

Maybe that is the secret to enjoying repetition and routine in our daily lives, we need to make them more fashionable.