Wild at Heart

Abandoned Chateaul de Rothschild | Paris, France

Abandoned Chateaul de Rothschild | Paris, France

I remember seeking out solitude and magic in abandoned places as a youth.

The places would become ours, our own private Idaho if you will, taking shelter from what we believed to be a world that was too much at out feet. We spoke in poetry, and let our laughter rise to meet the sky. There we sang in harmonies of liberty and freedom; moving through our present, where cigarettes and coffee were just as important as music and sex.

There is so much magic to be found in what has been left behind, the decay is just part of its transition, inspiring curiosity and the desire to create. -tM

Freedom in Acceptance

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I read this quote the other day that spoke about acceptance as being a new type of freedom.

Although immediately realizing its depth, the quote however, sat with me for a couple of days.  I began to think about how that practice could potentially change the world. Again, like in most cases, it brought me back to the self, self-acceptance, and if you cannot accept yourself then how are your truly excepting anyone else without expectations, without restrictions,.

Imagine a world of accepting one another, all starting with the self.  I think that just may be the ultimate freedom and the root to all other freedoms branching off from there.

Perhaps our definition of freedom needs to be evaluated in this new day and age. Somewhere, somehow it seems to have lost its meaning. 

"Freedom in Acceptance", I will be earnestly putting this to practice. -tM


Out of Office

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I am out of office and could not be happier for it. In that same spirit, I am also setting a theme for this summer of mine:

I plan on embracing the spontaneity of life, and also its idleness. It will be a time of both adventure and impulsiveness as well as practising the art of being silent in observance of everything and nothing around me.  A time to be still in moments when there are no distractions, accepting what is, where I am, and how I feel. 

I look forward to what may be, in present and in future. -tM


Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Freedom may mean different things to many people.

Freedom can be infinite, it can surpass the physical; bondage cannot be limitless, only freedom can. The body, mind, and emotions have there limitations, but they also have infinite possibilities. Look at what binds you personally and see how you can transcend this. This is growth. This is part of achieving your own personal freedom. -tM

Running Wild

"Oh darling, come run wild with me."

Majestic in being, graceful in its existence, I have always been enamoured by the poise of the horse.

They almost seem human to me. I think it has to do with the eyes, the deep soulful gaze, and the eye lashes that most women dream of. This isn't anthropomorphism, this is fact.

It's still summer, go run with the wild for as long as you possbily can. -tM

Photography: Anna Smolens & Tush Rimmel (Focus on Eye's Photo).


Tiny Dancer

Photography: tM

When children dance there is a different type of freedom that is exhibited then that of watching any adult engage in this type of creative movement.

There is no concern for any true facts of the world, there is no getting it right, there is no involve of what others may think, the imagination has centre stage, not the ego.

Their movements in play and dance reveal incredible optimism. Not just optimism about the world but also about the human condition.

And that, in my opinion is the definition of true freedom, that of mind, body, and soul. They soar above the constraints of our people made world as the rest of us look to them for what we deeply need, for what we are missing; found, in the imagination of a child. -tM