It's Friday!

Photography/Artist: Sara Shakeel

Photography/Artist: Sara Shakeel

On Friday’s even my long journeyed public transit commute doesn’t feel so bad. With the promise of the weekend drawing closer, that Friday feeling is one of joy unlike any other day. There is a lightness of being, an extra bounce in my step, a disco ball of magical light bouncing off of every face I see, and every surface I touch. I even think I am a bit nicer on Friday’s. It’s magical through and through. I have said it before, and I will say it again, “Friday, I’m in Love with You.” -tM

Friday Exhale

Photography: Lucian Bor

Photography: Lucian Bor

On Friday’s I exhale.

It is probably my most favourite day of the week because I have the freedom of the weekend ahead. It is really a state of mind I suppose, the letting go on a Friday night. Maybe I should try this letting go approach Mon-Thurs night and see if I fare better in general with that attitude.

Ah Friday’s, I am in love. -tM

Kicking It

Photography: Homer Sykes | Britain in the 1970's-80's

TGIF. That is all I can say. This week has been a tough one for me. I will be carving out my little piece of heaven this weekend in a similar fashion. These two have the right idea. Any place is a good place to let go as long as you are of the right mindset.

Happy Friday folks! -tM