Strong Friendships

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I have this friend, of the opposite sex, that has been in my life ever since my first birthday. On and off we would continuously weave in and out of each others lives, sometimes more regularly then others, but no matter where we were in life, we would always keep the communication lines open even if geography or life wouldn’t allow us the face to face time.

Life long friendship is a massive gift, and he has always made it easy for me to ” just be” in that friendship, and I believe I in return have allowed him the same ease.

Having him in my life makes me feel like all will be okay with the world. He is just that kind of strong and safe for me. -tM


Photography: Kat Irlin

I only have a few true loves of my life friendships that I am willing to look out of and peer into windows with no matter where we are in our own lives or what the situation. They carry so many of my secrets in their back pockets, and often times it can be said that they know me better then my own family. There is a comfort in the knowing that with some those bonds become even more poignant as we age. 

Both fragile and powerful in bond, these ties belonging and shared uniquely between companions could be some of the most beautiful  love stories ever written. And rightfully so, as we have chosen one another to tell our stories to and write our novels with. -tM