An Invitation to Visit

Photography: Unknown |  Papillon , a French Bistro in Greece

Photography: Unknown | Papillon, a French Bistro in Greece

Entrances are just as important as exists, philosophically, aesthetically, and architecturally.

There is nothing more alluring then a sexy door coupled with mood lighting to draw one into a space, dissolving time while leaving the present moment free and unmarked.

The door above makes me want to do just that, enter and exchange one beauty for another. The beauty of design, for the beauty of what might unfold beyond those gates. 

And that is what happens when functional design and beauty say there "I do's." The power to seduce, invite, and entice moves beyond the aesthetic and fuses with the psyche. -tM


Photography: tM | Athens, Greece

This is a photo of a photo, hence the blurry quality. I have this photograph in an album along with the rest of my travel photography. Digital prints did not exist, neither did the internet. The world was a simpler place in certain respects.

I remember aimlessly walking the streets on my own, we smiled at one another,  she posed for me in the most innocent of ways.

I have never forgotten her face. -tM