Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Freedom may mean different things to many people.

Freedom can be infinite, it can surpass the physical; bondage cannot be limitless, only freedom can. The body, mind, and emotions have there limitations, but they also have infinite possibilities. Look at what binds you personally and see how you can transcend this. This is growth. This is part of achieving your own personal freedom. -tM

Getting Out of Our Own Way


Most of us do lead two lives. The one in our hearts and heads and the other that we engage in and live out daily, and what stands between our true and authentic selves is in fact us, or rather resistance.

A few years back I surrendered to resistance, (for the most part) for there is so much that is out of our control. Change being one of them. That is not to say that I sit idly and do nothing about a situation that is troubling me, however it does mean that I have accepted the things that I cannot change and no longer resist them. Some call that getting out of one's own way, and it has made all the difference. I don't try to push change away, I now welcome it, of course sometimes with trepidation, however nonetheless, I know that if it comes, it is meant for my own self evolve. The same applies to giving that "unlived life" from within the space to rise by listening to my creative self and pursuing its freedom in whatever form it may appear.

Sometimes being a social outcast can also lead to all kinds of resistance, however studies have shown that rejection can lead to heightened creativity and to far less resistance of the self. On the one hand society accepts you, but you resist your true authentic self, and on the other, society rejects you and you are able to better live the unlived life within you. I suppose that is why a balance is so rarely achieved.

I believe that creativity (whatever that may mean for you) is one of the keys to unlocking that resistance, for often times we are guilty of caging our own souls.

What about you? Does resistance play a role in your life? Do you find it a challenge to get out of your own way? -tM


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