Sharing Sometimes Isn't Caring

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I have lived alone, I have shared my space with a partner, and I have to admit that nothing feels (for me) as good as having a space of my own. The peace and freedom that come a long with this luxury are priceless. I thrive creatively, spiritually, and mindfully. I am a better person when enjoying the solitude of my space.

Perhaps some people aren’t meant to share spaces. Perhaps relationships would last longer, even marriages, if we kept separate quarters? Living with someone is tough, at least for me it has always been that way. I think the “problem” is that I enjoy my own company way to much. -tM

Gathering Around the Art

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

The hearth used to be a symbol of ones home which provided a space for a collective congregation of people for practical reasons. However, now a days, with central heating, the practicality of its use has changed. It has now become more form then function.

However, I firmly believe that a fireplace does not need to be functional to bring warmth and design interest into a space. I personally like faux mantles that bring texture, art, and visual interest into a room. Its structure offers many display opportunities for pieces that bring one joy.

You can still bring intimacy to its purpose through art, making it yet another informal place in your home to just be. -tM

The Making Of A Home

In Residence: Patrizia Moroso

The grand dame of design opens the doors to her personal paradise

Imposing and unexpected amidst the lush greenery of a secluded plot in Udine in northeastern Italy, the home of Patrizia Moroso reveals a vibrant vision in the forest: at once a lived-in family home and a showcase of contemporary design and art gathered from around the globe. 

As the creative director of Moroso, the prolific Italian furniture manufacturer started by her parents in the 1950s, Moroso is one of the grand dames of design, known for spotting and fostering new talent as well as for working with some of the most established names in design.

For years Moroso has lived here with her Senegalese husband, the artist and designer Abdou Salam Gaye, as over the years their three children have grown up and left the enchanted abode. Moroso, however, plans to stay put, glad to be living outside the borders of hectic design hub Milan. “If you are inside a place you don’t really see what is happening. You can see things differently from the outside,” she says. “Here I feel more free to see what is happening in design, and free to make our things according to a sort of independent vision.”

The Three Accent Pillars

The three pillars of every religion have found their artistic expression in these three accent pillars/walls which can be seen from every room and vantage point in this modern Mongolian apartment. What a brilliant and artistic way to add sculptural allure and modernist sheen to a space.

Ancient allure meets modern aesthetic. -tM

Photography: Ha Da | Yatzer

Familiar Places

Photography: Luigi Ghirri

Chipped tile, 1970's décor, a washed out fade of a familiar life. The imperfections of home are sometimes the most comforting. It is a place you grow up longing to leave, yet good or bad, there are moments lived, as you grow older, that you wouldn't mind getting back to.

Take the time to linger a little longer with your loved ones this weekend. -tM


Photography: tM

This is where I come from. The back alley that led straight to my childhood gated back door.

I have been witness to many lives lost in the neighbourhood or perhaps they were already lost by the time they had arrived.

The walls speak, and every now and then they change there story and colour. It keeps things moving.

I am glad to see that it hasn't lost its vitality. -tM