Curtain Play

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

When architects began to design homes and spaces with large windows, curtains became an important element of interior design and architecture.

However, lately there has been a shift away (at least here in N. America) from curtains and a push toward blinds. I miss the romance and ritual of drawing the curtains closed. I miss the sensuality of the sun peaking through mid day; curtains swaying in wind, encouraging the merging two worlds.

Another time and place, saw me draw the sheers open and closed, depending on the sun, and often of the positioning of the moon, as this became standard, so did the stories of disillusion, fear, promise, and hope. There were always lessons to be learned at the edge of the window sill and in the rustling of the curtains. —tM

European Interiors

European interior design has always been incredibly thoughtful, practical, and progressive, because it has had to be. Small spaces, and historic buildings demand design musings.

This is why I applaud the above project. Designer Diego Delgado-Elias took this Parisian apartment and made it new while preserving the old. I love that the covering for the rad's along side the windows have now become extra bench seating for guests, and that the kitchen can be hidden behind beautiful floor to ceiling cabinets, hiding the utilities and the prep space from your visitors. It creates a natural visual flow from room to room, and adds uniformity. 

All of this comes from understanding a space. If you listen to your space and truly live in it, it will tell you what it needs. 

Inspiring indeed. -tM

Photography: Yannick Labrousse

A Room with a View

Photography: James Silverman | Swiss Alps

Views,  vista's, and windows  are so incredibly important when most of us spend our time in N. America on the inside looking out.

I don't think one realizes how much time one spends looking outside of windows, whether at work, at home, in transit, or in restaurants. It creates a sense of well being, space, and enables room for the mind to daydream.

There is also no need for displaying art in a home with such beautiful views and windows. You no longer feel like you need to be outside when the exterior has intrinsically become a part of your interior.

This is definitely a room with a view that I could get behind. -tM

Magic Carpet

Photography: Emily Assiran/New York Obesrver | Interior - David Scott

Rugs/carpets can be such great accessories to a space.  If you choose they can act as accents taking on the role of an art piece for your floor or they can simply be utilitarian in there divide and separation of living space. They give a room a sense of grounding, a distinct sense of self,  also aiding in acoustics, rugs absorb echoes and sounds.

 Beautiful rugs leave me feeling satisfied. I cannot help covet the one above. -tM