Dressing You

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

There is something so sensual about dressing the other,

the final zip of a dress, the tying of the cravat. I think it is about the close proximity as much as it is about the intimacy of the act itself.

In that moment, you take on the knowing of what it would be like to see the curves that bare the weight of those clothes, or to perhaps kiss that mouth or caress that neck where the collar meets the tie; lips sinking into flesh.

Seduction in reverse; poem of the flesh. -tM

Intimate Details

The intimacy

of certain rooms in a space become synonymous with private matters. The restroom is one of those for me. The beauty and intricacies of this space are just as important to me as any other, if not more so. It is a place where I begin and end my day, a place of waking up, making myself beautiful, engaging in rituals passed down from childhood, to ones I have grown into. A place where the water cleanses away the days residue, and where a good soak in the tub could awaken a rebirth, or at the very least a mind, body, and soul, rejuvenation. It is a room that allows another kind of intimacy to take shape; time for the self. And moments like that should never be rushed. -tM

Photography: Unknown | Casa Mollino Museum | Former home for Architect Carlo Mollino


Photography: tM

Getting up close and personal opens up the possibility for an intimate look at the intricacies that make up the whole.

The process can be both magnificently beautiful and fantastically ugly. The duality of life is as such, and you will find it in every living and glorious thing.

It takes courage to stare life in the face, taking steps toward it, rather then away from it.

Lately I have been getting intimately acquainted with myself.  In my opinion there is no better place to start. -tM


Photography: Unknown | Attaboy | Manhattan, Speakeasies

I have been contemplating the meaning of intimacy as of late and the various ways one can experience its nuances. It is my belief that we don't realize all of the intimate moments that we are privy to throughout our day that actually belong to us. They are simple and exact points of time that occur momentarily.

I have walked into rooms that exude such sensual intimacy that the walls begin to quiver. I have found moments of candour on the subway, quietly and intimately observing someone's hands. There have been times where I have become emotionally engaged in a written note left on my desk.  Intimacy does not always entail physical proximity. Often times the most profound kind of intimacy is experienced through the mind and of the mind.

Yet, there is something to be said about the encounter of the physical kind. A glance exchanged over a drink, becomes the promise of something more, something new. Intimacy is ever changing, ever evolving. Our lives are born on intimate encounters. It is what we all long for isn't it? Usually we look to it, and for it, through a connection with a significant other, yet never really open ourselves to finding it in other places through moments of the unexpected kind.

I leave you with this final thought and quote, because to be aware and to live freely is also an integral part of the intimacy we are all in search of:

"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware." Henry Miller