My, What Big Ears You Have

Artist: Gael Davrinche | Contemporary Realism

Artist: Gael Davrinche | Contemporary Realism

We all know someone or have known someone who hears and see’s everything, who either “claim” to have overheard the juicy details or were privy to being at the right place at the right time. This is otherwise known as the snoop or the town gossip; big ears, and even bigger mouth.

If they talk about someone else, they will most definitely talk about you. So I stay clear. I don’t want to know peoples dirty laundry, I do not want to participate in bringing someone down, in helping spread word about a situation or current life struggle. And as of lately if and when I begin to judge someone on their behaviour, dress, or otherwise, I stop myself, and that little voice in my head tells me to shut the f*&$ up, because in reality, I need to divert that energy toward me, toward bettering myself, fixing what I believe needs fixing.

I understand the human draw toward these types of headlines, what else was there to do when people didn’t have t.v., lived in a town of a few hundred, and needed some form of entertainment. People are people, and although still entertaining, gossip can also be incredibly damaging.

There has got to be another way for all of us to feel accepted by others without the spread of such tales.

So the moral of this story friends is: steer clear of those with a big mouth and big ears, for like the wolf in “The Little Red Riding Hood” they may be charming but they too will eventually come for you. Trust your instincts and keep moving on. -tM

The Unexpected

Photography: Erik Melvin

Photography: Erik Melvin

I like when confronted with the unexpected in design and in people.

It’s in those moments that I am reminded of the creative forces in life, of making a space your own, not what the latest Pottery Barn suggests you do. And in person, I appreciate the courage of those who choose not to conform to anyone else’s standards but their own. It's translates into a beautiful self-assurance, a confidence so engagingly unconventional, that in my opinion lights up the world.

But then again, I have always been drawn to the unconventional, in people and in place, it’s just who I am. -tM

Title or Creed?

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

I know many women who want to wear this “crown,” that refuse to be treated any less then the “Queen” they are in life and in relationships.

I will personally never understand this attitude of better than, of needing to be put up on a pedestal. In life I would hate the attention, not to mention that I really believe that as human beings no one is above or beneath anyone, no matter their position in life. Also, putting one on a pedestal can be a very dangerous thing, as even the slightest resemblance to being human with faults, may cause you to fall from grace and result in the dissolve and unravelling of that said relationship. I feel that in relationships NO ONE should be put on a pedestal, or given a title.

I am not adverse to some special treatment and I believe in giving the same in return, as this is your person, however, the idea of being put on a pedestal, met with certain expectations is an invitation for disaster, not to mention the pressure that comes along with fitting into that predetermined role.

Perhaps I am wrong, but being someone’s “King” of “Queen” doesn’t leave much room for personal growth or mistakes in my opinion. However, maybe I am reading too much into the actual title. And maybe it’s just the title that people crave, the feeling of being treated extra special, like a royal without any expectations to follow suit.

I could go on analyzing this need but I will stop here. Just some Saturday morning musings to get the blood flowing while the coffee is brewing. -tM

Riding the Wave


Isn’t that always the way though?

When we least resist and get out of our own way, the rhythm of life naturally takes over.

It’s so important to stay connected to the self, and not lose touch. So tough I know, in the business of this world of ours. I read once that the “strongest position you can be in is surrender.” I have surrendered many a time, and truth be told, I have never felt more aligned with life. Surrendering isn’t a form of giving up for me, it is a way of giving way, of letting go, and letting things unfold as they will. It’s giving up the illusion of control. It’s a state of vulnerability that most, in our culture are not comfortable with.

By the way, perfect flow doesn’t mean that your are riding the wave of happiness to no end. There will be ebbs and flows that take you down as much as they raise you up, because, well, that’s life. But the key is letting it happen, and moving through it with the least amount of fight or resistance, so if necessary the mind, body, and soul, are able to process and heal accordingly. -tM

Belonging to No One

Photography: Colin Dodgson

Photography: Colin Dodgson

Belonging to no one: there is a sense of freedom that comes along with the knowing and understanding of this truth. You belong to no one, and no one belongs to you,

Just think about it.

No one feels your joys, your pains, your sorrows. No one. They are unique to you.

We exist together through connection but are ultimately alone.

Your life is your life, and solely your responsibility. -tM

Slowing It Down


Life was meant to be taken slow.

I always make it a point to take my summers as sloooow as possible. While everyone else has these epic plans of travel, and an “I can do” attitude to see people, places, and things, I on the other hand revel in the little things even more so then usual. Simply put, I live, and really feel life in all of its depth and possibilities. I move at a slow pace, I stop for things; an ant crossing my path, a dandelion parachute gently tumbling across my foot, I observe, I breathe, I keep my eyes and ears open and experience life as if it were a fantasy, because it is.

It’s magic. True magic. -tM

Ride it to the Rhythm

Photography: Bruce Davidson | Summer Love, NYC Subway, 1980’s

Photography: Bruce Davidson | Summer Love, NYC Subway, 1980’s

There is something easy about summer loving. Its intensity and passion are met with ephemeral ease. Perhaps that should be our approach to love all of the time, moving with it in transience, bending as it bends, paying attention to the seasonal shifts and the moods that follow.

Summertime, when livin’ and lovin’ is easy. -tM

That Time was like Never, and like Always

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

The communion with nature is so immense that any words used to describe its sanctity fall short.

The other day I took my shoes off and walked through the grass. I needed to feel the soil beneath my concrete treading feet, and in that moment, I felt time dissipate, it was like never, and like always. I need to faithfully nurture that connection to creation; where nothing is waiting. Sometimes when nothing is waiting we find everything. -tM