Shining a Light on Ego

Design: Pietro Russo

Design: Pietro Russo

What’s the story behind the captivating Daffodil light?

Daffodil is a lamp inspired by the Caravaggio painting Narciso, which depicts a beautiful boy gazing at himself in a body of water before he drowns in his own image. It’s an allegory about the ego. I designed Daffodil as a system of polygonal mirrors that creates a kaleidoscopic game of reflections, so that the viewer is forced to reflect upon his own image and, yes, ego. (Exerpt from 1stdibs)

Pearls for Every Occasion

Husband and wife lighting designers Audrée L. Larose & Félix Guyon, based in Montreal, have created jewel inspired lights that float as much as they illuminate. And much like good jewellery, their chandeliers compliment what is already there. The theatrics of jewellery can now also be found adorning our ceilings. Beauty and functionality that takes in to account architectural perspectives, now that is good design. -tM

Photography: Unknown

The Affects of Light


Ethereal, mysterious, and sexy. The Gabriel Chandelier designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec as a contemporary source of light and focal point for the Palace Versailles has become the first permanent contemporary installation in the space.

I find it incredibly sensual. Light changes the way you see and feel things. The room almost becomes naked with the permanence of this installation, showing off its curves and lines in the most elegant of ways. -tM

Object of Desire

Design: Bouquet of Calla Lilies,  Reggiani Floor lamp c. 1980

Design: Bouquet of Calla Lilies,  Reggiani Floor lamp c. 1980

Lighting is one of the most important features of a space. It creates an ambience that can either invite you in or usher you out. 

Mood lighting, rests on a ratio of number of type of lights, (lamps, sconces, ceiling lights, chandeliers) to dimmers. 

Great lighting design can give a space a sense of confidence and also become a great seductress if you so choose.   -tM