The Fox is in the Pantry

Caffé La Tana, in Vancouver is a new world version of the Italian alimentari (a small family owned grocery store and deil found in small neighbourhoods throughout most of Italy). It is so full of charm and goodness that even the fox will be tamed by the in house delights.

With such clever marketing, who wouldn’t be swayed to indulge in a nostalgia and the “way things used to be.” -tM

Looking Forward S/S19

I have always loved Bottega Veneta, from bags to clothes, however, I find this years, S/S 2019 campaign particularly inspiring. The creative team does such a great job at highlighting both the strength, femininity, and duality of the woman the brand itself designs for.

It is art in motion; fresh, casual, honest, and incredibly sexy. -tM

p.s. can we also take a moment in adoration to appreciate that python directors chair. Also, the choice in chair and its staging has not been lost on me. Again, brilliant campaign.

Art Shmart

This is clever! And the mastermind behind it is none other then Calvin Klein's new director Raf Simons. Using art to highlight and strike up a conversation about pop iconic art and "iconic" jeans and underwear. The association is genius.

I think Calvin Klein made a smart move by hiring Mr. Raf Simmons. Have you seen the documentary Dior and I?  He really is a massive talent. I like that the documentary points to his inspiration of art as staying true to his authentic self. I am looking forward to seeing his vision moving forward for Calvin Klein. -tM

Photography: Willy Vanderperre