Style for Style

Photography: The Sartorilaist | Milano, Italy 2019

Photography: The Sartorilaist | Milano, Italy 2019

There has always been a question of whether style is in fact innate or something that has to be learned. Regardless of what you may or may not believe, it is nice to see two generations of style side by side and the lessons that may or may not have been passed down. -tM

Paying Tribute

The newly revamped Caffé Fernanda pays homage to Pinacoteca di Brera, one of Milan’s art galleries that is home to some of the leading collections of Italian paintings around the world.

The art pieces displayed in the café elevate its design, engaging and inspiring the patrons, making their café visit feel like a gallery experience.

The grandeur of the space pays tribute to the neoclassical architecture, coupled with the post war 1950’s renovation of the space, and juxtaposed with the contemporary approach to art curation it becomes a space that seduces through texture & design.

I appreciate design that takes into account not only the history of the space but also the value and preservation of that history in its reconstruction.

I cannot help but pause for such beauty, and in silence I take a bow. -tM

Photography: Michele Nastasi | Yatzer