The Sunday Morning Lounge

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

What does your Sunday morning ceremonial observance look like?

There are no religious observances of any kind here, however I definitely hold sacred to my Sunday morning rituals. They ground me, put me at ease, and sometimes even in a contemplative state of mind. Most Sunday’s are spent in solitude. Just me, my music, coffee, some reading material, coupled with a few hours of kick back on the sofa staring at the sky, watching the birds take flight.

It’s a meditation of sorts, one with my eyes open. -tM

The Invisible Power of Music

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

There is this sacred conversation that happens between the soul and the music being played.

Music heard so deeply, that it is not heard at all, but you become the music.

You cannot touch it, yet with precision you converse with its beat.

And when it leaves you, it changes you.

It always changes you. -tM

Performance Appeal


A young Depeche Mode up top, still relevant (well to my generation) and David Gahan, after 37 years of doing the same moves, still has one of the most magnetic and sexy presences on stage (I think it is magnified by his deep voice, choice of attire, and need to move his body) I have had the pleasure of enjoying live many times. -tM

That voice. He sings from his gut. This is soul.

"Funk Until Dawn"

Photography: Unknown | Sheila E. & Prince

Photography: Unknown | Sheila E. & Prince

You recently confirmed a rumor that Prince proposed to you onstage.
Yes, during the Sign o' the Times Tour. I was playing drums and it was during "Purple Rain." That song always made me cry. We were so into it. The way he played – my God. My eyes were closed a lot during that song. It was just so emotional. Musically, you know when you get to that place where you're just one? We hit that place. And when I opened my eyes, I could see his eyes were opening as well. He turned and looked at me during his solo and that's when he asked me to marry him and I said yes. We were still playing the song.

Did the audience know? Was it a big moment?
Oh no, it was just him and I. We didn't even see anybody else as far as I'm concerned. It was just him and I.

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Photography: Unknown

Reading sheet music used to be a literacy that was more familiar to me that most things. I would to make up stories for every piece played. It would be my interpretation of reading between the notes and making it my own.

As a child I think I used to be a lot cooler then I am today. There were days that I would sit by the piano and compose my own pieces at the ripe old age of 12. I don't know what happened? Where did that passion wonder off too? Did I get distracted and thrown off track by the course and happenings of my life? And if so, why did I let that happen? Perhaps I was too young to realize and know back then.

I wonder where that cool kid would be today if she didn't put down her pencil and slide away from those keys.

No regrets, just Saturday morning ponderings. -tM

"There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become original." - Joseph Haydn