City Speak

Lately I have been consciously listening to the sounds around me. It has changed the way I feel about the city/environment I occupy.  It has become a form of meditation, as I focus in on certain sounds and let the others fade into the distance. 

Paying attention to the  musicality of the city and its orchestra of many parts, transitions, crescendo's and decresendo's, has assisted me in drowning out the "noise" and has made me aware of nature's powerful presence amongst all of this collision. -tM

Time Machines

There is something hauntingly eerie about these photographs set against the gritty backdrop of 1970's New York.

An urban desert of quiet exists within each of these images. The muted colours reveal an honesty and clarity of existence through landscape and design that only the night and the discerning lens could aspire to disclose. -tM

Photography: Landon Clay, NYC, 1974-76

In Public & In Private

Abstractions and detachment in life as in art, that is the beauty of Saul Leiter's photography. His compressed images embrace the simplicity and movement of life in and out of public spaces.

These are some of his secret moments disclosed of NYC's streets and its inhabitants. -tM

Photography: Saul Leiter | NYC, 1940's-60's

Flower Blitz

Lewis Miller is a well established florist and flower design guru in NYC. When he is not working on big elaborate projects he is also known as the flower bandit; making his way around to local NYC monuments and trash cans leaving explosions of flower arrangements to be enjoyed by those passers-by who stop to smell the roses. -tM

Good Design

Photography: tM | Guggenheim, NYC

This is good design. Good design is central to a good society. When in the presence of quality design we feel differently. We behave differently. Psychologically we respond accordingly to what lays in front of our eyes. Design matters because our identities and moods are fluid and altering. Our environments change who we are, we all sense a spirit that emanates from any given object.

The more beautiful and harmonious the object or building, the more we are likely to affiliate goodness with its being. That is why good design matters, because it encourages our better sides, whereas ugly ones bring out our worst ones.

In short, good design helps us to be the best versions of ourselves. -tM

A Change in Pace

Photography: Kat Irlin | NYC

How easy is it for you to create or allow yourself a change in pace? I often think that we are not kind enough to ourselves in that we keep moving in the way we think we should be going, whether that be in a certain direction, or at a certain speed.

Granted, there are moments when life makes that decision for us, but more often then not, we could possibly take note of where we are in our life or day, and slightly alter our pace to allow ourselves the space to just be. Slowing down, speeding up, taking a moment, whatever it may be can change the rhythm of your whole body.

That is the thing about life, it will keep moving indefinitely, but it is entirely up to us to respond to it accordingly to our rhythm. I think that we would all be better off if more of us listened to our inner metronome.

So the next time you feel anxious, sad, tired, or overwhelmed, try starting by changing your pace. Often times it can alleviate and occasionally elevate. -tM

Going Places

NYC | Photography: Unknown

Wherever you are en route to today, I hope that at least one stop is to see an old friend, a loved one, or for that matter, someone or something that is important to you.

It doesn't matter where in the world you are, there is something marvelous about moving into the weekend and knowing that a different kind of freedom awaits us.