Taking Root

Blurring the lines between life and art, part sculptural installation and part public furniture piece designed by Ju Lee Architects makes hanging out in this park in Seoul Korea all the more inviting. Roots that gently rise and fall create different heights for people to lean on, sit, or lie down.

Taking inspiration from nature and encouraging our connection to it in my opinion, is always a good thing. -tM

Photography: Kyungsub Shin

Winter Strolls

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

There is something to be said about embracing, or at the very least accepting every season for what it is. Finding beauty in those moments, after a storm, during a heat wave, in the middle of a downpour, or on a windy day reminds one to take pause. Look around, grab your lovers hand and take it slow. Because taking it slow, is sexy. -tM

Light My Way


Dear Nature,

You never cease to amaze me. 

You are incredibly beautiful even in your anger. You are patient and tolerant in ways that we need to be.

You exist simply, beautifully.

You know when to let go and when to unleash your hurt. It is out of desire and purpose that you create.

You hold the basis to our cognitive, spiritual, and aesthetic satisfaction.

I will always feel like a child in your presence. -tM

Photography: tM


A Fine Balance

Photography: Tadao Ando's Home

Photography: Tadao Ando's Home

When nature and architecture exist in perfect harmony, it allows for a spacial transformation of an organic kind. 

They don't ever have to marry, however architecture has to allow nature the space to flourish, as it must not overwhelm it nor possess it. Good architecture should let nature in. -tM


Ode to the Lemon

Photography: Unknown | Italy

Photography: Unknown | Italy

To paraphrase Pablo Neruda, the blossoms of a lemon tree always carry an aroma of exasperated love after giving birth to a lemon.

I love the freshness that lives in lemons. There lightness of colour and shape is echoed in the clarity of there flavour. Its secret symmetry can be discovered through its fragrance, discerned in part by savouring its balance of acid. It harbours within the most potent and concentrated liqueur nature has to offer in a fruit.

When engaging with a lemon, you captivate all 5 of your senses. -tM