Ordinary Life

Photography: Stanley Kurbrick | New York, 1948

Photography: Stanley Kurbrick | New York, 1948

Before Stanley Kubrick was a famous director, he was a youthful unknown observing the world around him through a photographic lens.

This particular photograph is a reminder that there have always been people young and old who have been bold enough to live life the way it suited them. -tM

Miss Liberty

While she was being built there were parts of her gracing specific locations from Paris to the United States. 

This kind of process display would never happen today. I think her fragmented tour was an interesting way to at the very least make space in the workshop while the rest of her was being shipped off piece to piece to her final resting place. It also gave people the appreciation of her exact proportions, which were to say at the very least, quite intimidating. -tM

Photography: Photo No. 1: Edgar L. Owen, the rest are Unknown, 1800's

1. Paris Fair, 2. Philadelphia, 3. New York, New York

All that Glitters...

This instagram concept worthy & newly designed Brooklyn based record label store, "Fools Gold," features a DJ booth, and various display "rooms" for vinyl, magazines, accessories, and various clothing items.

Family New York is the design team behind this genius concept. I am not certain whether the "take a selfie, fake a life" concept is behind the snap an IG photo in any corner to draw the crowds in, however it is a clever take and play on the record labels name and logo even if it was accidental. The DJ booth itself throws a shout-out to todays mirage based culture. The 500 square foot store is but a sliver of a space, yet the screens that frame the gold mirrored DJ booth, make the space look larger then it appears.

This is clever design and word play at its best. Bravo, Family New York. Job Well Done. -tM

Photography: Dezeen Magazine