NYC | Photographer: tM

As cities become more populated, the definition of a neighbourhood has changed. Sometimes you don't even identify with the neighbourhood you live in, it simply becomes a choice because of its affordability and therefore no other options exist.

Long gone are the days that you actually know your neighbours. You may know the convenient store clerk or the butcher, but most people remain strangers, no more closer or familiar to you then the morning train commuters.

I cannot help feeling nostalgic for the neighbourhood I had grown up in. Despite its grit and "undesirables" you really felt a sense of locality. Everyone looked out for one another. There was beauty in its simplicity and charm in its ability to grow, by genuinely welcoming people into the fabric of its community.

I wonder what the future of neighbourhoods hold. How important they will be in our daily lives, or will they just become a place we land, closing the door behind us, signifying the end of that day. Either way, I just hope they remain open and welcoming to all of us, because really that is the beauty of living in a city, being able to be and feel like yourself amongst the many that are hoping for the same.