So Granola, But I Dig It!

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Those of us who live in the city, sometimes feel like we are going to melt into the heat and humidity often find ourselves wishing for a little pool relief.

This little innovation reminded me of just that. Hippy Chic, bathtub in the ground, and voila, a wadding pool that will last as long as the bathtub remains crack free. Cooling down is essential in summer months, and this is clever. -tM

Life as Art

Photographer: Unknown

When I was younger I refused to have plants in my space. I don't know whether it was because I didn't want the responsibility of caring for them or whether I just didn't like the aesthetic of them in my home. However, currently, I want to bring the outside in.

There are so many beautiful options out there to choose from at the moment. In my space they have become statues of living, breathing art. -tM