Sumptuous Geometry

Forte Forte Boutique in Paris, France

Forte Forte Boutique in Paris, France

When the practicality of mathematics co-mingles with pink marble and brass, life becomes even sweeter. Lines and shapes that take you on a journey; isn’t that the expectation of beauty anyway? To be swept away in her bosom of purpose and form? -tM

Musée Bourdelle

I love museums that aren't contrived, the Musée Bourdelle in Paris is just that. The artists home and studio turned gallery and creative treasury is open to the public most days of the week except for Monday. 

A repository of beauty and truth, a place where time has been transformed into space. -tM

La Fontaine Stravinsky

Whimsical sculptures in the Beaubourg district near the Centre Pompidou pay homage to the classical works of composer Igor Stravinsky. 

One cannot help but stop and smile at the circus like display of these lively statues.

It is a reminder not to take ourselves or life too seriously, as the shapes and sculptures tend to be at odds with the refinement of classical music itself. 

Life, like that mermaid sculpture squirting water out of her breasts, can be just as fascinating and peculiar, and what better way to honour its eccentricity then by celebrating its unpredictability.  -tM

Artists: Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely


I Miss You

I fell in love with her, as many do, the first time I saw and felt her light, her energy, and the beauty of her architecture. Needless to say her culture, the style of her people, their joie de vivre, and her je ne sais quoi are also part of her considerable allure. 

I miss her terribly. I miss the energy with which she infuses me and the inspiration that I cultivate just by walking her streets.

I have always felt like she was a life long lover of mine, as our meeting has never been coincidental. My love for her has been in me all along. 

Tell me, what city have you chosen to write your love story with? -tM

Photography: Unknown


Good Design

The Art of Living,

and enjoying a space rests in the utilitarian and beauty of its design.

This Trocadero apartment's kitchen is the epitome of what it means to utilize a space to its fullest potential. Being able to hide the stove behind doors when not in use opens up new possibilities and functional uses for this already beautiful kitchen.

In North America, the stove and fridge are unnecessarily the focal point of most kitchens (and in my opinion, usually the eye sore). There is no need for either to be seen when not in use. I think we need to rethink our approach to interior design and lifestyle as there is no separating the two. Don't you agree? -tM


Photography/Design: Oliver Amsellem

Walls Do Talk

Photography: tM | Paris

Photography: tM | Paris

I remember the moment I took this photograph I thought that there were to many things going on all at once that just didn't belong, but interestingly enough it worked. You can read the wall as you please, quickly for it's "haphazard" placement of graffiti art, in between the lines making sense of all the political statements, in appreciation of the creativity and artistry, or in its entirety as a work of art that has been placed on the street, made accessible for all to appreciate.

I have always appreciated graffiti (not tagging) as it can make beautiful what otherwise would go unnoticed, it can be thought provoking, it allows the common person a platform to express their political beliefs and sorrows in the most creative of ways, and of course it inspires everything from movements, to manufacturing young artists careers, and has recently also found its way onto the fashion runways (GucciGhost) and into home design.

It's life. It's raw, and it's real. -tM


The Quiet Season

Photography: Unknown | Paris, France

There is something so quietly at ease about the autumn. Inwardly there is a healing that happens amidst its colours and transformations. We move with the seasons as they bring with them a different energy, and opportunity to reassess our lives and/or decisions made.

I think the city becomes a much softer place in the autumn. Its multitude of colours and light are reminders to move with nature, not just through it. It makes us stop and take a moment to notice our surroundings, to recognize that we do belong to something much larger and far-reaching. -tM