Under the Skin

Artist: Gael Davrinche | Under the Skin

Artist: Gael Davrinche | Under the Skin

This made me laugh. Perhaps it shouldn’t, but it did. I know one could go into a deep analysis of this painting given the title of the series, however, this stands as an obvious reminder to me of all the people I have encountered along the way, who, “underneath” it all have been everything but beautiful.

Inside turned out. This is quite a catastrophe of a piece, and of course I mean that in the best way possible. -tM

p.s. I am still laughing

At the Heart of it All

Cuba is food for the blighted soul. 

Cuban people have such a strong sense of humanity, life isn't defined by the individual but by the quality of exchange that takes place between people and their communities.

Each time I return home from Cuba I reminded of the importance of connection and how at the truth of it all, very little is needed to make a life worth living. -tM

Photography: Javier Arcenillas; Dan Cohen; Tomas Munita; David Bush; Sabiano Parente