Isn't it Romantic?

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Do you picnic?

I have always liked the idea of throwing a blanket on the grass or sand, kicking off the shoes, letting the wind blow through my hair as I ate at the thought of the beauty that surrounds me, but realistically, I have never found them enjoyable, or comfortable for that matter. They are made for movie moments that I wish would feel just like they look on the big screen.

At the end of the day, just like sex on a beach, the idea of it all is always better then the reality. I fail to feel the romance of it all. How about you? How often do you picnic? -tM

Cinematic Mood

Photography: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Photography: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

I am in a romantic mood. Perhaps it's because every Friday I find inspiration in the promises of freedom that only a weekend can bring.

A slower pace of existence, one that allows space for a lingering embrace and glaces that are more intimate then words will ever be. -tM

Oh Romance...

Photography: Kat Irlin | NYC

I miss romance. Old world romance to be exact.  When there were little to no conversations to be had on the phone but instead letters and poetry were posted, when one would show up on the door step with an apology as opposed to a sent text or email. When slow dancing meant something.

Where and when did these simple romantic gestures disappear to and why have we accepted there demise? Not only do they make one feel desired but they also bring with them the feeling of mystery and remoteness from everyday life.

Simply put: "The very essence of romance is uncertainty." - Oscar Wilde

Give me excess of it. -tM