Dressing You

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

There is something so sensual about dressing the other,

the final zip of a dress, the tying of the cravat. I think it is about the close proximity as much as it is about the intimacy of the act itself.

In that moment, you take on the knowing of what it would be like to see the curves that bare the weight of those clothes, or to perhaps kiss that mouth or caress that neck where the collar meets the tie; lips sinking into flesh.

Seduction in reverse; poem of the flesh. -tM

Erotic Designs

Architecture, Design, and Sexuality,

have been synonymous with the way society as a whole (West and East) have planned, built, and imagined spaces for sexual pleasure for centuries.

Never underestimate the power of a space and its psychological and physical effects it has on behaviour.

In our patriarchal society, architecture has mostly been dominated by men until very recently, resulting in spaces that have been designed and  in turn speak to male sexual desires and fantasies.

Architecture, setting, and design make up a substantial part of our sexual fantasies. Subliminal or outright, there is no mistaking the need for desire and pleasure in our society. -tM

Design: Haas Brothers: Sex Room Entrance; Andrea Branzi et al; Dream Bed, 1967

The Perfect Cocktail

Artist: Andy Warhol | Blue Movie

Artist: Andy Warhol | Blue Movie

"If God is left out of sex, it becomes pornographic; If sex is left out of God, it becomes pious and self-righteous."  -Leonard Cohen

The x-factor in both cases is desire. God/universe is life and life is desire, therefore the act of sex in its biological form is a life force that would not exist without God/universe. There is no separation between divine creation, sex, pleasure, and desire. It is this energy that has given birth to life itself.

It's the perfect cocktail, God + Sex = Desire/Life/Creativity.  Salut! -tM

Anthropological Ponderings

"Being an old school romantic in a hookup culture is a special kind of hell."

Are hook-ups just a natural result of our culture being true to our evolutionary and primal roots?

I am not certain whether this is going to be our demise, a way to propagate our species ensuring our survival, responsibility, and hands free, or just another free love movement 2.0 style. Live in the moment, instant gratification, self-fulfillment, call it what you will, culturally, we are starved for romance.

Albeit romantic love is nothing but a Hollywood notion, there is something to be said about the construction upon which romance rests its desirable wings. There are building blocks and challenges that make the wooing process exciting, challenging, and enticing. There is effort put into romance, it is not just a throw down, a simple text to meet in the restroom for a quickie. Fast food, fast f*$#, we have become a culture that waits for nothing and no one. 

So even though my generation is somewhat removed from this hook-up culture, I still don't know whether we are just being more true to our nomad primal selves or whether this is an emotional void propagated by social media and in turn will lead to more emotional isolation.

Thoughts? -tM

Artist: Unknown


“How much longer on the divan? Why does sex have to mean everything? OK, it can mean something, but why everything? Why do thirty years have to go down the toilet because I wanted to touch somebody else? Am I missing something? Is this what it comes down to? Why does the sex have to mean everything?”
-Zadie Smith, On Beauty

I don't know whether age is a marker or just life experience in general, however as of lately I am beginning to understand why and how people come to have affairs. I also understand why people rebuild after such indiscretions. And really, why does sex have to mean everything? -tM