Centre of Attention

Photography: Unknown | Parisian Apartment

Photography: Unknown | Parisian Apartment

The magnetic pull of a focal point in a room can be anything you want it to be, changing the mood of the room in an instant.

I like focal points in rooms for a few reasons, one, it acts as an anchor in a space, unifying a room that may otherwise have an identity crisis. Two, it draws you in, it immerses and engages you in an otherwise unfamiliar space, creating an emotional experience/connection. Sometimes it can also set the stage for a theme, or add playfulness or contrast to an otherwise stale space. Forth, it can be an instant face lift, making the room feel fresh and new, giving it a sense of panache and gusto. And lastly, it can do double duty by highlighting other important architectural beauty that would otherwise go unnoticed by the amateur eye.

The purpose of the focal point, in my opinion is to lure you in, only to have you consider the rest of the space in a wandering fashion. They eye should never linger when there is so much to explore. -tM

Brutalism Meet Romance

This could very well come close to being my dream space. Rooms organized by mental and psychological activities, a space that is expansive, creative, minimalist, and allows others to live freely without crossing paths unless consciously desiring so; both thoughtful in design, and necessary for a creative to thrive in.

I am beyond moved by the beauty and intelligence of this space. -tM


Private Worlds

Photography: Unknown | Yves Saint Laurent Rue de Babylone Apartment

Photography: Unknown | Yves Saint Laurent Rue de Babylone Apartment

Private worlds are fascinating places. Who are you when left alone and no one is looking?

The intimate details of ones life can be partially revealed through ones personal space. I enjoy venturing into rooms where I can become acquainted with another side of an individuals psyche. The slower the reveal, the more intriguing the story.

What added dimensions to your character would your space reveal? -tM

Intimate Details

The intimacy

of certain rooms in a space become synonymous with private matters. The restroom is one of those for me. The beauty and intricacies of this space are just as important to me as any other, if not more so. It is a place where I begin and end my day, a place of waking up, making myself beautiful, engaging in rituals passed down from childhood, to ones I have grown into. A place where the water cleanses away the days residue, and where a good soak in the tub could awaken a rebirth, or at the very least a mind, body, and soul, rejuvenation. It is a room that allows another kind of intimacy to take shape; time for the self. And moments like that should never be rushed. -tM

Photography: Unknown | Casa Mollino Museum | Former home for Architect Carlo Mollino