The Fruits of Creativity

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Doors hiding behind terrazzo walls and vertical hand railings help one up the curvature of a stair.

They say for creativity to be successful you need to have 1. originality, 2. usefulness, 3. an idea built on a new foundation containing the element of surprise.

I think this foyer has hit the mark on all of the above. -tM

The Next Level

Photography: Unknown | A simple, beautiful, and utilitarian way to display such treasures.

I have always found that simplicity in architecture, design, make-up, fashion, food, and in thought is hard to do well, especially when you want it to be beautiful and functional.

Leonardo da Vinci once said that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." This is easier said then done in our North American culture where more is more, and consumption is king. There is no room for less in our society.  We need to fill our lives up with stuff so that the stuff in our lives can take the place of our lives.

As I grow older, simplicities of all kinds, especially thought, has become remarkably important to me. Eliminating the unnecessary in order to give the necessary room to speak. These days I really appreciate Steve Job's point of view on the whole process of simplification: "Simple can be harder then complex:  You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it is worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

My conscious internal shift is also reflected in the design of my home, the clothes I choose to wear, as well as in the rest of my aesthetics. The external is reflective of the internal and vice versa. It helps to keep me in balance and on the path I believe to be right for me.

How about you? Is less is more your personal philosophy or do you abide by the there can never be enough of this good stuff kind of rule? -tM




Taking Flight

In Literature often times the daunting staircase is metaphorically representative of hopes, dreams, and the struggle to achieve. In life I often think that the beauty of the staircase gets overlooked. Physically stairs can be viewed as a tedious feat one has to overcome to get to their destination.

The beauty of the staircase lays not only in the design but also in its form; its presence. Walking up certain staircases may illicit powerful emotions. Each staircase has a life, and energy of its own. Whether it be purposeful design, or just simply for utilitarian use, the way one feels at the beginning of the stepping journey changes by the time one reaches the top. Sometimes it is just as much about your vantage point as it is about the movement and flow of the banister. Many things have been known to change in what could be thought of as a simple walk up the stairs.

There is no mistaking the grandiose staircases of the Palaces during the 16th and 17th centuries; they were purposefully created to make you feel regal, whether you were going up, or coming down. The staircase is the backbone of the building/space. It can leave you feeling its strength,  its weakness, its beauty, in awe of its past and your future.  

Next time, opt for the staircase instead of the elevator, an inanimate object of design it may be, however if permitted it can even be the one to change the course of your life, bringing you to new heights and perspectives not even you knew were possible. -tM

Photography: Unknown