Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I am unable to read the script, which in this case I think is a good thing because it peaks my curiousity. Optometrist? Herbalist for sight? Aesthetician? A home of a superstitious person who is trying their best to ward off the evil eye? These are all valid possibilities in my mind.

There are even many evil eyes positioned behind the tea kettle. I feel like the tea kettle could be a clue, and it looks like there are cups sitting on the ledge of the other open window. I can’t “see” any further then this without the knowledge of the script.

I give up, pizza parlour? What do you surmise? -tM

Retail Facades

The beauty and invite of a retail facade speaks volumes; words are not necessary and often overrated.

Let the strength of the architecture and the allure of the art draw you into what lays beyond the veneer. -tM

1. Boissonnerie; Paris 2. Hermes; Tokyo 3. Bike Shop; Copenhagen 4. Zara; Australia

Photography: Unknown