The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

Photography: Ruth Orkin

Photography: Ruth Orkin

Back to front, handbag on foot, foot in hand, heel to heel, curve to curve, nudity to Sunday best, life to art, art to life, hand to thigh, hip to hand, a power pose made grandeur by a supportive gesture, looking away to looking directly at, walking off to stopping by, heel to toe, click to clack…and the beat goes on…-tM

“Composition is selective improvisation” Igor Stravinsky

Style for Style

Photography: The Sartorilaist | Milano, Italy 2019

Photography: The Sartorilaist | Milano, Italy 2019

There has always been a question of whether style is in fact innate or something that has to be learned. Regardless of what you may or may not believe, it is nice to see two generations of style side by side and the lessons that may or may not have been passed down. -tM

In Public & In Private

Abstractions and detachment in life as in art, that is the beauty of Saul Leiter's photography. His compressed images embrace the simplicity and movement of life in and out of public spaces.

These are some of his secret moments disclosed of NYC's streets and its inhabitants. -tM

Photography: Saul Leiter | NYC, 1940's-60's

Street Snaps

Social documentation.

I have always appreciated the raw capture of life, style, and culture that street photography seems to conquer in one fell swoop. Who could ask for a better backdrop, or for more interesting participants.

A palimpsest of detail, it's life, unabashedly staring you in the face. -tM

Photography: Jamel Shabazz | 1980's, NYC

Street Theatre

Photography: Joel Meyerowitz | NYC late 60's and 70's.


I appreciate street photography for its candid truth and historical documentation. The above photographs in particular also convey a nostalgic feeling closely affiliated with my childhood. Although I did not grow up in NYC, the neighbourhood I came from and all of its realities are reminiscent of the contrasts exhibited in these precise moments formerly captured by Mr. Meyerowitz. -tM