Who Says?

Photography: Unknown | Diana Ross, 1997

Photography: Unknown | Diana Ross, 1997

Who says you can’t dress up to walk the streets eating meat on a stick?

I have always been a firm believer in wearing your jewels, your “fancy” shoes, your beautiful handbag, great coat, sparkly top, whenever the mood strikes you. I don’t believe in saving fashion/style for a special occasion. Bust your finest out whenever the spirit catches you. If it makes you feel good, that confidence will spill over into everything you do that day.

Viva la inspiration! -tM

Walls Do Talk

Photography: tM | Paris

Photography: tM | Paris

I remember the moment I took this photograph I thought that there were to many things going on all at once that just didn't belong, but interestingly enough it worked. You can read the wall as you please, quickly for it's "haphazard" placement of graffiti art, in between the lines making sense of all the political statements, in appreciation of the creativity and artistry, or in its entirety as a work of art that has been placed on the street, made accessible for all to appreciate.

I have always appreciated graffiti (not tagging) as it can make beautiful what otherwise would go unnoticed, it can be thought provoking, it allows the common person a platform to express their political beliefs and sorrows in the most creative of ways, and of course it inspires everything from movements, to manufacturing young artists careers, and has recently also found its way onto the fashion runways (GucciGhost) and into home design.

It's life. It's raw, and it's real. -tM


Amazing Hair

Photography: Unknown | Tracee Ellis Ross

I have always loved her. She exudes incredible beauty and confidence. That aside, she is also the master of all kinds of hairstyles. This one in particular is incredible. It's classic, sexy, sophisticated, and looks effortless (although perhaps that would not be the case on all hair types). I have replicated it on myself, and it is hands down a winner. If you are looking for some hair inspiration look no further then Tracee Ellis Ross. -tM


Photography: tM | Athens, Greece

This is a photo of a photo, hence the blurry quality. I have this photograph in an album along with the rest of my travel photography. Digital prints did not exist, neither did the internet. The world was a simpler place in certain respects.

I remember aimlessly walking the streets on my own, we smiled at one another,  she posed for me in the most innocent of ways.

I have never forgotten her face. -tM