Time After Time


“Be inspired by the intelligence of right timing instead of frustrated by the lack of mental information..."

This may be tough for those that have a strong need ‘to know’. We have no mental idea of where we are headed with a challenge or upgrade in life, but we do have an intuitive sense that requires trust and patience. - Mystica Mamma (Paraphrased)

I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. How certain things just don't make sense in the moment, how we have to move through challenges with patience and trust in our individual journeys instead of focusing on the needing to know the purpose and the outcome. 

Timing really is everything, and at the moment I am consciously trying to trust in its intelligence of being right. -tM

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass...

Photography: tM | Latin American Contemporary Exhibit AGO

...these are the days of our lives, says the ominous voice, cue music.

Time is a tricky thing, or so we believe. We have given it extreme importance in our lives, paying attention to the exact minute, and sometimes even second. We have structured an entire world, societies, and cultures by it. Everything we know and experience in our lives is run on time.

Time to me is an interesting concept. We all experience it differently depending on the circumstance. When life get's busy, time flies, when one is on vacation and relaxing time tends to be at ease, when we are having a wonderful time, time seems to slip through our fingers. A two day life span for a fruit fly, scientist say, is equal to a year in ours, one year in a dogs life is seven years on our watch. The concept is interesting, and it makes me wonder about this construct in other ways and realms. The trip to Mars is supposed to take 30-40 years our time, but how will those within the rocket ship experience those years, will it flash by in 2 or will it feel like 100?

None of us really have time, it is not ours for the keeping, in essence it is about making time, carving out space for moments, loved ones, the beautiful things in life, as well as the ugly. All we really have is life-time, here in this world. So tell me, how do you make your time? -tM