For anyone out there who loves chocolate as much as I do, this is a brand to try.

These chocolates are one of the most delectable, purest, cleanest tasting bars I have ever had the pleasure of letting melt onto my tongue. They are locally made in Toronto and can be found in health food stores, some local convenient stores, and speciality shops. There are many varieties and flavours to choose from. I am personally a fan of the one above, the dark chocolate sea salt blend (blended with just the right amount of salt), and also the espresso bean crunch.

I promise you’ll be thanking me later. -tM

Photography: tM

My City

Photography: tM

Photography: tM

Sometimes she pisses me off, and then there are times when I go away, even for a day, outside of her open embrace, that I come back loving her even more. It is then that I realize that she does me proud, not only is her city scape beautiful but the people she houses within those walls are a reflection of what she stands for. Her diversity and acceptance make all of her other flaws seem insignificant. And so in gratitude I want to take a moment to appreciate her light. -tM

In Gratitude

On Saturday night the full moon landed in the eleventh house of Capricorn and Gratitude. The Gratitude moon always appears in July. In homage to our pagan ancestors, we sat on the rooftop in appreciation and silently gave acknowledgement to all of our blessings. -tM

"The moon lives in the lining of your skin." - Pablo Neruda

Photography: tM (when the light goes down, so does the quality of the i-phone camera).