Neoclassical Beauty

Photography: Jerome Galland | Villa Astor | Italy, Amalfi Coast

Photography: Jerome Galland | Villa Astor | Italy, Amalfi Coast

Bound to beauty in all of its infinite forms, this 17th Century statue standing in the garden of a villa; solitary, lost in the trees, cypresses, and pines makes me long for a secret affair. -tM

Airport Lounge Design

Air travel reminds us of who we are. Lounges, terminals, these transitory spaces, are places where souls are examined, and where good design appeals to both our logic and emotion.

They are places of waiting, waiting for love, waiting to depart, for the next phase of life to begin, the weight of the waiting can be perceived as big, sometimes even to much to bare.

They are like therapists offices for those of us willing to engage in the introspective part of our travels. Life is always about landing and taking off, isn't it? -tM 

Photography: Unknown


Joan Didion's Infamous Packing List

What to pack or what not to pack,

that is always the question. There are often mental calculations involved around what you will be doing, and where you will be going. The shoes in my opinion are always the trickiest part sometimes due to whether conditions, and other times due to the geography and road conditions of the trip, so I always pack a heel and a more semi-casual flat just in case for an evening out. I like to cover all of my bases.

I like the idea of the list, keeping one in your closet so that you don't have to think about what to pack in a pinch, because no matter how often you travel it always proves to be a mental challenge.

I also like the idea of being prepared and organized enough to be travelling with your own suitcase hooch. Although times have changed and finding a drink somewhere somehow is no longer a challenge, one never knows at what hour one will need a good stiff beverage.

That being said, may your summer journey to your destination prove to be as predictable as this list and may the rest of your vacation be agenda free. -tM

Weekend Getaways

Photography: tM

Sometimes the best gift you can give to your soul and self is a few days away, and that is just what I decided to do this past weekend. A change in pace and atmosphere not only inspires but it rejuvenates the senses. Travelling tends to magnify our emotions.  It formulates a new appreciation for everything that we "thought" we were fed up with in the first place. It puts life in perspective.

Sometimes it isn't about "life changing adventures" sometimes it is about connecting with yourself and good friends over trivial conversations, genuine laughter, and even boredom together.

It is about travelling not to escape life, but instead travelling so that life doesn't escape you. -tM

Going Places

NYC | Photography: Unknown

Wherever you are en route to today, I hope that at least one stop is to see an old friend, a loved one, or for that matter, someone or something that is important to you.

It doesn't matter where in the world you are, there is something marvelous about moving into the weekend and knowing that a different kind of freedom awaits us.


A Moment

Cultures that sit in observation are inherently more connected not only to one another but also to their surroundings. There is a casual art to observation while enjoying a libation in a Parisian café. More so there is a musicality amongst those observing and those that walk across the stage. It is a give and take of sorts. You are consciously aware of the moment, the person(s); the presence of mind in movement and in assembly. It is rather beautiful to note.

Photographer: tM