Out of Office

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I am out of office and could not be happier for it. In that same spirit, I am also setting a theme for this summer of mine:

I plan on embracing the spontaneity of life, and also its idleness. It will be a time of both adventure and impulsiveness as well as practising the art of being silent in observance of everything and nothing around me.  A time to be still in moments when there are no distractions, accepting what is, where I am, and how I feel. 

I look forward to what may be, in present and in future. -tM

Time Away

I am thinking about taking time away from the city this summer.

The more I think about what it may look like, the more I realize that I want it to be beautiful, honest, and straightforward.

I want the simplicity of bread, and the stillness that follows the triumph. 

I simply want to make contact with the reality of life in its unadorned state. -tM

Photography: Unknown


It's a Tree House Kinda Life


in the trees? Why not? More and more resorts have taken to heights reminiscent of our youth. Trees are always a relief, a way to escape people.

This kitchen is as peaceful as the forest it lives in. There exists a unique poetic space, nestled amongst the trees, that cannot be found anywhere else.

I always appreciate design working in harmony with nature. -tM

Photography: Brechenmacher&Baumann | Tulum Resort

Cinematic Vacations

A vacation state of mind,

means slowing down the pace of everything, the luxury of sleeping in, no longer being held to the constraints of time, turning corners you have previously only walked by, and just being able to say "F*&# it, Let's go to _____________" you fill in the blank.

For me vacation is all of those expected and unexpected moments that allow life the space to breathe and new opportunities for desire to develop.

What do vacations entail for you? Tell me. -tM

Photography: Film "More", 1969 | Director: Barbet Schroeder

Vacation Mode

Slowing down,

and grooving at a different pace accompanies the warm weather and the barefoot approach to life for me. My mind, body, and spirit, are officially in vacation mode. The above photograph is illustrative of how I have been feeling for days now. I want to lounge, eat, sleep, take dips during the day, and skinny ones in the evening.

How about you? How is your affair with summer progressing? -tM

Photography: Unknown | Serge Casfinger Maison; Provence, FR