This is Style

Photography: STYLEMONDE | Julie Pelipas; Editor of Vogue Ukaraine

Photography: STYLEMONDE | Julie Pelipas; Editor of Vogue Ukaraine

I have never been one for exposing the midriff, nor have I ever been a fan of shorts, but this is an exception.

This is what happens when you have found your own style groove. I would have never thought of putting these garments together in such a way, but then again, it’s just not me. However if I did do midriff baring shirts and shorts, I would absolutely follow suit. -tM

It's a Vogue Idea

Italian Vogue

created a special "all black" issue. It was a project piloted by the late Franca Sozzani because of the lack of diversity in the fashion world. Loved my many, and hated by some, the issue received both praise and criticism.

I hope that at the very least it created a dialogue about inclusivity and euro-centric points of view, and as to why as a society we have to create "special editions" of magazines to bring attention to such important matters in our diverse culture. Will this solve the problem. No. But every little bit helps. And an open discourse may very well assist. -tM

In Case of Desire, Break Window

Photography: Helmut Newton | Vogue 1977

Photography: Helmut Newton | Vogue 1977

The composition of this photograph left me contemplating the world of secret longings, unrequited desires, and  the power of ones sexuality.

I am invited into a world of contrasts and oppositions. There is a clear reaching out and longing which is reciprocated with only a gaze, the juxtaposition of the light and dark of the space and skin tones, the movement of water to land, from a reminiscent Victorian fainting pose to a stoic stance. The vantage point of this visual narrative is evocative of a voyeuristic affair one might find themselves privy too.

Erotically charged, I want to bare witness to the account of desire I am left observing.

I want to know their intimate thoughts.

What about you?