Walls of Liberty

Photographer Mathieu Pernot documents the art on the walls of an abandoned prison in France. Dreams, desires, and ambitions, remain hopeful and alive in all of these pieces. They exist as emblems of liberty; evocations of past, present, and even future.

I tend to agree with Picasso when he says that “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls.” -tM

The Three Accent Pillars

The three pillars of every religion have found their artistic expression in these three accent pillars/walls which can be seen from every room and vantage point in this modern Mongolian apartment. What a brilliant and artistic way to add sculptural allure and modernist sheen to a space.

Ancient allure meets modern aesthetic. -tM

Photography: Ha Da | Yatzer

Walking Through Walls

Photography: Unknown | Barcelona, Spain

Can I just take a moment here to applaud the design of this space.

A wall turned into door/door turned into wall. Not only is it practical and sexy in its design but it also connects two rooms without having to use and incorporate the visual obstruction of a door.

There are times I find that (at least in N. American society) there is an over use of doors. I personally do believe that they are overrated as they get in the way of beautiful design. There are rooms in my home that at the very least I wish I had a sliding door that would disappear into the wall when opened instead of having it interfere with the flow of the view and design of the space.

How do you feel about doors? Do they hinder your design aspirations? -tM


Photography: tM | Wynwood Walls, Miami

Photography: tM | Wynwood Walls, Miami

Walls. Sometimes they are necessary, literally and figuratively. They shouldn't always be perceived in a negative light. In prayer, meditation, and art, they are stones of beauty, spirituality, and life.

Often times people don't build walls to close people out, but rather to protect whatever is left within.

Regardless, they are complicated and our lives are surrounded by them. Obstacles they may be, and hardships faced when knocking them down, Ralph Waldo Emerson believed that "Every Wall is a Door."


Walls Do Talk

Photography: tM | Paris

Photography: tM | Paris

I remember the moment I took this photograph I thought that there were to many things going on all at once that just didn't belong, but interestingly enough it worked. You can read the wall as you please, quickly for it's "haphazard" placement of graffiti art, in between the lines making sense of all the political statements, in appreciation of the creativity and artistry, or in its entirety as a work of art that has been placed on the street, made accessible for all to appreciate.

I have always appreciated graffiti (not tagging) as it can make beautiful what otherwise would go unnoticed, it can be thought provoking, it allows the common person a platform to express their political beliefs and sorrows in the most creative of ways, and of course it inspires everything from movements, to manufacturing young artists careers, and has recently also found its way onto the fashion runways (GucciGhost) and into home design.

It's life. It's raw, and it's real. -tM