Parked for the Weekend

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Sometimes I like to be parked for the weekend. It’s a glorious thing to be able to be at home, putter about, have friends come over to grace your space as opposed to venturing out into what sometimes seems to be waves of mass discontent. It’s all about balance, for me at least; balance, and going with the flow of well, me. -tM

It's Friday!

Photography/Artist: Sara Shakeel

Photography/Artist: Sara Shakeel

On Friday’s even my long journeyed public transit commute doesn’t feel so bad. With the promise of the weekend drawing closer, that Friday feeling is one of joy unlike any other day. There is a lightness of being, an extra bounce in my step, a disco ball of magical light bouncing off of every face I see, and every surface I touch. I even think I am a bit nicer on Friday’s. It’s magical through and through. I have said it before, and I will say it again, “Friday, I’m in Love with You.” -tM

Chandelier Exploits

Film: Diasies, 1966 | Vera Chytilova

Film: Diasies, 1966 | Vera Chytilova

This is my mood going into the weekend. There is a thrill that the week is over and the freedom of letting go of routine approaches.  

Each day is filled with infinite possibilities, but there is something about the weekend that makes us put this plausibility into action. 

Happy Weekend everyone! May your chandelier exploits elevate and motivate. -tM

Cinematic Mood

Photography: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Photography: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

I am in a romantic mood. Perhaps it's because every Friday I find inspiration in the promises of freedom that only a weekend can bring.

A slower pace of existence, one that allows space for a lingering embrace and glaces that are more intimate then words will ever be. -tM

Weekend Sun

I have been waiting.

I think we all have, for a sunshine filled weekend this summer.

I am in a beach kind of mood, even if It really is only roof or deck bound. It's good enough. My goals are to be as close to the sun as possible the next two days. I feel like we need to reacquaint ourselves. Oh Mr. Sun, how I have missed you so. -tM

Photography: Unknown | Tuscan Beach

Weekend Getaways

Photography: tM

Sometimes the best gift you can give to your soul and self is a few days away, and that is just what I decided to do this past weekend. A change in pace and atmosphere not only inspires but it rejuvenates the senses. Travelling tends to magnify our emotions.  It formulates a new appreciation for everything that we "thought" we were fed up with in the first place. It puts life in perspective.

Sometimes it isn't about "life changing adventures" sometimes it is about connecting with yourself and good friends over trivial conversations, genuine laughter, and even boredom together.

It is about travelling not to escape life, but instead travelling so that life doesn't escape you. -tM

Going Places

NYC | Photography: Unknown

Wherever you are en route to today, I hope that at least one stop is to see an old friend, a loved one, or for that matter, someone or something that is important to you.

It doesn't matter where in the world you are, there is something marvelous about moving into the weekend and knowing that a different kind of freedom awaits us.