Uniform Cool

Phtotography: tM

Phtotography: tM

I was struck by this man’s unique way of keeping style while in work uniform. I am not certain whether you can tell or not, but he had a large thick silver hoop earring gracing his right ear and a ring of the same stature on his left. I also love the contrast of the bandanna with his silver locks.

I immediately noticed him and payed no attention to the bikini clad sunbathers, as he weaved in and out of different projects in peace & style on a Wednesday afternoon. -tM

The Fashion Hustle

Photography: Richard Sandler | NYC, 1980s

I have a bone of contention, it is that of the work "uniform," if you can even call it that these days. I ride the public transit to get to my job, and over the years, I have sadly witnessed the work ensemble casually disappear into an abyss of black leggings and flip flops or sneakers for women;  denim, and if you are lucky some wrinkled button down shirt for men.

Instead of briefcases the men carry these cross body lap top bags that they received as a bonus gift at Best Buy, and women are using (and might I add with pride) their Longchamp nylon grocery bag as a purse.

Folks I ask you, where is the pride and dignity in our presentation? What happened to dressing appropriately for the work that you do?  There is no way all of these women are fitness instructors and these men are working at the Best Buy.

Sometimes I just want to cry. I want to cry because I don't know where to look for inspiration anymore. Riding the public transit used to be this incredible experience in diversity of fashion and style, whether it be work wear or street style and yet now there is no differentiation.

I swear, sometimes people are just to lazy to even run a brush through their hair. Between that, and the leggings, the crop tops, the pompoms and hand sanitizer hanging off of their bags, I am embarrassed that for such a diverse and vibrant city, with such kind and wonderful people that this is how we represent.

Something's gotta give, employers need to start demanding their employees dress appropriately, if for any reason it is really starting to irritate me. -tM