The Iceman Cometh, but not quite yet.

Photography: Herb Ritts | Absolute Cindy | Vanity Fair, 1994

Photography: Herb Ritts | Absolute Cindy | Vanity Fair, 1994

I was at the beach yesterday. It is mid-September and bikini weather.

The skies were clear, sandcastles were being built, and bbq's were as hot as the day was long. I feel like it's a catch me if you can, going out of business kind of an encore, and although this feels like summers continuance, it is a reminder for all of us to seize the day before the chill settles in for its long winters nap. 

Summer 2017, your encore is simply stupendous. I am sure I speak for us all when I say "Thank you." -tM

Palimpsest Architecture

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Stories are told through the layers of what once was and now just is.

The use and re purpose of former glory days hopefully becomes a lesson and display in realisation that architecture is in fact the mirror of life. And just like in life, it can go drifting by unseen if you are not careful. -tM


Photography: Unknown | Chinese Lantern Seed Pod

Photography: Unknown | Chinese Lantern Seed Pod

It is so important to pay attention to the details and the little things in life.

There is no accounting for the intricacies of such things as someones face, a design propelled by nature, or the pattern that the rain leaves behind on a dusty window pane. It is the details that create and fill out the larger aspects of the whole. Perhaps that is the art of living life fully;  paying attention to the details, because it's the little things that make the big things happen. 

Don't you think? -tM



I am a dreamer. I always have been.

In truth, I the dictionary definition of "dreamer" has never resonated with me.  I do not see myself as an "unpractical person who is idealistic and gets lost in fantasy." For me being a dreamer entails being able to see that there are possibilities everywhere. It is fuel for the imagination, as beauty is magnified through the eyes of a dreamer.

In short it is a beautiful sentiment and way to move through the world. -tM

Beauty Rituals

The Royal Tenebaums | Cinema

The Royal Tenebaums | Cinema

The rituals of priming and primping as experienced by both men and women are intimate moments spent with the self.

These days most people solicit the services of a professional to get their beard trimmed, their nails done, or make up applied for special occasions; it seems that presently even our quiet personal beauty moments have become victim to the outsourcing phenomenon.

There is something so charming about the cinematic moment captured above. It serves as a reminder that these moments of "vanity" are actually moments of self care, self love, as these private moments of grooming can be very meditative in practice.

It is most certainly true that it can be difficult to carve out time for the self especially in today's fast paced environment, although the ritual of grooming is a nice way to get back in tune with ourselves and our bodies. So the next time you think of outsourcing your quiet beauty moments, remember the satisfaction of creating a space for some uninterrupted me time. -tM

First Loves

Thomas Jefferson.png

Perhaps this is because as we age, we connect once again to the profound truth from within. The truth of who we intrinsically are, having let it escape, and leaving it behind, in our formative years for reasons known and unknown.

Equally, the older we get the more we desire to connect with those who were witnesses to our lives; who bare the understanding of who we are and how we came to be.

There are no need for introductions here, it's an intimacy that is born on the wings of our youth, and found once again somewhere in our descent into maturity. -tM

Looking Forward

Photography: Helmut Newton | Pool Boy

Photography: Helmut Newton | Pool Boy

This is the time of year,

that I turn by back on the year that was. You see, September is the beginning of my new year, and the end of August is when I reflect on the years events and affairs. Yes, there are "plans" for the year ahead and incredible insights will be carried over from the last, but truly and most significantly this new year is about freeing my mind, and in turn my body with the soul at the centre of the entire initiative.

September is always filled with adjustments, there is a palpable shift that comes with the change of seasons, and or routine.

As maudlin as I can be about seeing the summer take a step back I am also as equally inspired by autumns ability to effortlessly let go of what is no longer needed. The seasons are full of lessons, and so is every new year.

Happy New Beginnings. -tM