Loving you


                                                               the most


                                                               opportunity for

                                                               growth. -tM

Love Letters

Ahhh, the almost forgotten and long gone romantic gesture of the art of writing the love letter.

As everything else in our world changes and evolves the loss of what once was is inevitable.

I suppose distances are no longer an issue with all the modes of communication available to us. We can whip off a love email, or text, in matter of minutes. Love letters came to evolve over distances, as soldier's went off to war, there was no other way of professing the longing, desire, and love they had for those they left behind.

Great letters brought about by great loves.

I suppose that is why I am a sucker for anything written by hand, you need to make room and time to sit down, to think about what you mean to express. There is no such thing as a delete button when writing by hand. It is a completely different kind of engagement and process, both physically and mentally.

I still have all of my love letters, neatly tied and scattered throughout the pages of some of my favourite books, only to be discovered when the book is uncovered once again.

How about you, where do you keep your old love letters? -tM

A Room with a View

Photography: James Silverman | Swiss Alps

Views,  vista's, and windows  are so incredibly important when most of us spend our time in N. America on the inside looking out.

I don't think one realizes how much time one spends looking outside of windows, whether at work, at home, in transit, or in restaurants. It creates a sense of well being, space, and enables room for the mind to daydream.

There is also no need for displaying art in a home with such beautiful views and windows. You no longer feel like you need to be outside when the exterior has intrinsically become a part of your interior.

This is definitely a room with a view that I could get behind. -tM


Photography: Unknown

Perhaps you have seen or even heard of Kintsugi (the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, using lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum powder).

It's a philosophy that treats breakage and repair as part of the history of the object. There is no desire to hide or disguise its scars.

This statue is a reminder of how the philosophy of Kintsugi could also be applied to our human existence and in what manner we should embrace our imperfections and flaws, accepting change as part of our human condition.

I appreciate how there is no attempt to hide the pottery's fragmented pieces, instead they are brought to life and even highlighted, attracting attention to the repair itself as simply an event in the life of the object. There is no need to discard it, it continues to serve its purpose in its new beautiful form.

We need to apply such compassionate sensitivity to our transitions. Life's changing conditions permit us an evolved understanding of one another. The more one grows, ages, and moves through life taking risks, the more light one let's in and allows to radiate from within. -tM

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. "  -Leonard Cohen

The Place of Cool

Photography: tM | Port Antonio, Jamaica

Photography: tM | Port Antonio, Jamaica

The place of cool. That was my dad's shop. It wasn't just a place of business but also a place of gatherings. This photograph reminded me of just that.  Friday nights, and Saturday mornings, his small shop in the hood,  turned locale, openly became a place where friends would assemble,  talk politics, life, and women. It became their version of the lounge about town, immigrants welcome, no VIP status required.

The tunes were always spinning, the air was full of smoke, and the coffee was the elixir of choice.

It was definitely no meeting of the minds, but it was a place where everyone knew your name and welcomed your voice, well, until they didn't. People were shoved out just like in any good lounge and told never to come back if they overstepped certain boundaries.

It was an easy like Sunday morning kind of a vibe until it wasn't.

I feel like places and gatherings like that in our society are very far and few between these days as are small businesses.

The photograph is a reminder of simpler days. Nostalgia always has a way of slipping in. -tM

Good as Gold

Artist: Rudolf Stingel | Galvanized cast copper, 2012

I am a fan of incorporating language into art. Rudolf Stingel has always explored the nature of memory and the passage of time.

His latest golden canvases bare the traces of time through the expansion of vocabulary.

Like etchings on a cave wall of historical importance, his latest pieces (in my opinion) invoke a primitive story telling; hidden in its layers one may find a ceremonial purpose amongst the abstract content and language. It beckons us to take a closer look at ourselves.

I am curious. Aren't you? -tM


Photography: tM

This is where I come from. The back alley that led straight to my childhood gated back door.

I have been witness to many lives lost in the neighbourhood or perhaps they were already lost by the time they had arrived.

The walls speak, and every now and then they change there story and colour. It keeps things moving.

I am glad to see that it hasn't lost its vitality. -tM




Vintage Citroen Ad.

I like this vintage ad because of the power and force with which it sells its product and also for not objectifying a woman sexually. However, if we were to deconstruct it there could be plenty offense taken. But this isn't a post about the negative and what the ad does wrong. It is about what it does right. Powerful and outspoken woman (Grace Jones) meets powerful and sexy car.

Enough said. -tM

La La Love You

Ah, the song is sweet, "Lalalala love me, pretty baby." -Pixies, but the burn can be painful and sometimes even disfiguring. Mr. Cohen also once wrote that "Love was the world's excuse for being ugly." I think some people become bitter and never recover from love's loss or heartbreak. But more often times then not I believe that the promise of love (whether one will admit to it or not) moves life forward. I don't believe that anyone ever gives up on it no matter what they admit to.

Whether it be for the love of God, our children, our mothers and fathers, our lovers, our earth and all the life that moves through and churns within its guts and at its core, there is nothing more significant then the lessons it teaches us about what it means to be human. -tM

"A heavy burden lifted from my soul, I heard that love was out of my control." Leonard Cohen


Design: Evans Lighter Set

I miss sets. Nothing comes in a set anymore. Not even earrings. They too are now sold as singles a lot of the time.

My parent's house was full of these novelty sets. There was a lighter set, a bar set, the desk set, the t.v. stand and lamp set and who could forget the telephone and side chair set. The 70's were infamous for the pairing of the practical.

I think this particular set is incredibly beautiful. I love it when good design and function marry for life. These days I am all about the sets. -tM

Dear Woman,

Photography: tM | France

Dear Woman,

There are going to be moments in your life that will change your entire world in a matter of minutes. These moments will inevitably change you. Let them make you stronger, smarter, kinder, and less judgmental. Mourn, cry, do whatever it takes to release the pain.  Stand firm, straighten out your crown, and keep moving forward. 

"...I am a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me." -Maya Angelou

Secret Corners

Photography: tM | Monaco, France

Photography: tM | Monaco, France

I vividly remember this day. It was hot and I thought I would be a hero and see all of Monaco on foot. What I didn't realize was that its hillside terrain would prove to be both incredibly beautiful and challenging at the same time.

I discovered places I would not have imagined I would venture to because a) I was tired and needed rest b) I was lost. The photograph above was taken at the top of the hillside inside of a cactus garden, overlooking the ocean.

As a succulent, Cacti speak a separate language and emit a different energy from the rest of natural plant life. They are still in form, quiet in spirit, and somewhat aloof in temperament.

I can relate to them. -tM


Photography: tM | Layers

With everything and everyone there is often more then meets the eye. Take this photograph for instance. It is full of layers, some you are able to see, others I have chosen not to show you.

The sunlight has cast a shadow of the tree, the shadow is reflected on the iron bars, which sit on a brick wall belonging to the library that houses thousands of books. And that is just its physical skin.

You see, the depth of perception is always there, it is whether or not we want to connect to it. Whether or not we want to truly see. Sometimes with people it is easier to not look below the surface, especially when it serves us better.

The older I get, the more time I take to listen to people's stories, understanding their depth has become increasingly important to me. So many of us have gone through heartbreak of an incredible kind. These personal stories and journey's are our connectors revealing the layers to our souls.

Ultimately by peeling back the layers (especially when it comes to your own), you will find stillness. And in that stillness you will find the truth of who and what you are. -tM

It's Time

Photography: tM

Well, almost.

The weather is turning and with it comes the people watching, patio lounging and dining alfresco. There is a feeling of hope and promise that comes with the first rise in temperature and in its opportunity to watch the traffic go by, as you sit still in the sunlight, removed from the fast pace of your day but still connected to the pulse of the city.

There is a freedom that comes with summer as one moment fades into the next. The day vanishes into night, laughter disappears into the air, even the morning light that finds its vanity in the reflection of the skyscrapers alters into the afternoon flesh-alive heat.

As we shed our clothes we also shed our inhibitions. In the summer, anything can happen. -tM