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Hannah Hoch,

was one of the originators of the photomontage,  taking place during the dada art movement. 

She rubbed shoulders with the likes of Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Hausmann in a time when being a female creative outside of the domestic domain was a rarity. 

She specifically addressed gender and the figure of woman through her art.

Actively challenging the status of women in the social world, she promoted the idea of the "New Woman" using elements of pop culture in her collages to create a higher and form or art and thought. 

Bottom's Up. -tM

Hannah Hoch | The Beautiful Bottom

The Way We Were


I equate this feeling to firsts and new beginnings; when kissing your lover makes time stand still, dissolving the world around you.

Or to that of nostalgia; when so much time has passed that all that is left is the beauty of what once was. 

Either way, sometimes all that matters is the way we choose to remember things, don't you agree? -tM

The Iconic Rose

Artist: Cy Twombly

Artist: Cy Twombly

                              "Tell me, Is the Rose naked

                                Or is that her only dress?"

                                        -Pablo Neruda

                                                 For my Aunt (In love, hope, and new beginnings).


Photography: Luigi Ghirri

Photography: Luigi Ghirri

Universality vs. Locality.

He was a pioneer in removing these geographical and psychological barriers. His photography speaks to the universality of the human life lived and his control of colour awakens a feeling of nostalgia; urging it to take root in becoming part of our story and never ending now. 

Total genius. -tM

It's a Matter of Love

Whenever I get a little discouraged about the state of affairs in the world and start losing faith in humanity, I often watch this clip and focus on everything that is right and beautiful in love and in life.

To those that are celebrating Christmas tonight and tomorrow, may love and kindness find you wherever you are. -tM

Erotic Designs

Architecture, Design, and Sexuality,

have been synonymous with the way society as a whole (West and East) have planned, built, and imagined spaces for sexual pleasure for centuries.

Never underestimate the power of a space and its psychological and physical effects it has on behaviour.

In our patriarchal society, architecture has mostly been dominated by men until very recently, resulting in spaces that have been designed and  in turn speak to male sexual desires and fantasies.

Architecture, setting, and design make up a substantial part of our sexual fantasies. Subliminal or outright, there is no mistaking the need for desire and pleasure in our society. -tM

Design: Haas Brothers: Sex Room Entrance; Andrea Branzi et al; Dream Bed, 1967