Design of People

Artist & Designer: Jakub Pollag

The beauty of fragility.

I long for the day when people realize that being vulnerable is an asset and a strength. It takes an extraordinary amount of courage to move forward in life with heart. -tM

"Nothing is more important then empathy for another human beings suffering. Nothing. Not a career, not wealth, not intelligence, certainly not status. We have to feel for one another if we are going to survive with dignity. " Audrey Hepburn

Eating Out

Tropical 1970's Outdoor Kitchen. #adfrancemagazine.jpg

Tropical 1970's

kitchen. What is old is once again new.

In design and fashion there are no new ideas, just minor adjustments to what already had its moment in time.

This kitchen has paired the business of the 70's tile, honouring the deep hues of the time with the simplicity of contemporary design.

This outdoor kitchen is all about the balance of good practical design and inspiring décor. -tM

Photography: Ad France Magazine

Stopping By

Communist architecture tells a story.

A story of conformity, strict instruction, straight lines, and power. It was also very part of a new world in modern design. The lines are clean, the design intimidatingly symbolic of a time when no one or nothing was supposed to stand out in any obvious way. It is reflective of the ideologies and values of the time, as all architecture is. Architecture tells a visual story of  a countries history, its hopes, its dreams, as well as its oppression.

You know when you have stepped into a former communist country just by looking at its bus shelter design. Ultimately and at first glace the shelters appear to be minimalistic, heavy set, and practical in design, yet there is something beautifully light and freeing in its expansive reach for the sky, leaving the complications and intricacies of life behind. Perhaps the design itself and its obvious yet underlying message subliminally falls right in line with Communist Theory.

Either way, they are beautiful remains of the past. Every building, or structure tells a story; in short architecture really is the mirror of life. -tM

Photography: Christopher Hewig

Running Wild

"Oh darling, come run wild with me."

Majestic in being, graceful in its existence, I have always been enamoured by the poise of the horse.

They almost seem human to me. I think it has to do with the eyes, the deep soulful gaze, and the eye lashes that most women dream of. This isn't anthropomorphism, this is fact.

It's still summer, go run with the wild horses as long as you can. -tM

Photography: Anna Smolens & Tush Rimmel (Focus on Eye's Photo).


Black versus White

Photography: David Psaila

Photography: David Psaila

When I was in Costa Rica I experienced the loofah exfoliation of the black sand beach. 

The waters were deep, the ocean wild, I felt like I was in a well groomed jungle. Hanging in the trees directly behind me were monkeys, beside, sea turtles coasting, all while the Iguana's were lethargically making there rounds in and out of the shade.

I felt free, and was happily letting the wind play with my hair, and move my sarong any which way it pleased. You see, there are pro's to beaching on black sand. No matter the speed of the wind, the sand stays in place. The grains are quite large, there is no sand in the eyes, little granules in your bikini, or in your hair; it is the ultimate sexy beach experience.  

There is something raw and uninhibited about the black sand beach, perhaps it is energy and violence through which it came into existence, explosive, hot, volcanic rock and lava permeating and consuming the land below.

There was nothing commercial about this experience, the sand made that clear. At the end of the day I don't know which I prefer. They are both suited to there environment and landscape. Ultimately I find beauty and inspiration in both. Any time on a beach is time well spent. Don't you agree? Which do you prefer? -tM

Summer's Finale

Summers are born to be beautiful, memorable, and alluring because of there ephemeral nature.

It is idealized and romanticized from beginning to end. If summer were a relationship it would be a passionate youthful love affair, freedom abound, full of possibilities and exploration, a book rich in hope.

Every summer has an enduring story. It is a season that never fails to leave its mark. Youthfully lost in love and its embrace, we all come out of this love affair slightly altered and a little more alive. -tM

Photography: Florence Henri

Let there be Light

Photography: Unknown | Sicily

Photography: Unknown | Sicily

What an inspiring bathroom design.

This design is infectious and incredibly humane, because lets face it, basement living here in N. America can be depressing. Letting the light in with this feature window elevates this basement in a Sicilian home to a whole new altitude.

Simply brilliant. -tM

Confidence without Ego


is one of the oldest and most sustainable jungle palm vines used to create furniture.

It is seeing a revival as of lately with a modern twist.

It is conceivable that being a child of the 70's has me nostalgically coveting these pieces, or perhaps it is simply how versatile and classic in design they continue to be.

Either way, if there ever was a chair that exuded confidence without ego it is this one; a classic made sexy. -tM


Photography: Forsythart

All that Glitters...

This instagram concept worthy & newly designed Brooklyn based record label store, "Fools Gold," features a DJ booth, and various display "rooms" for vinyl, magazines, accessories, and various clothing items.

Family New York is the design team behind this genius concept. I am not certain whether the "take a selfie, fake a life" concept is behind the snap an IG photo in any corner to draw the crowds in, however it is a clever take and play on the record labels name and logo even if it was accidental. The DJ booth itself throws a shout-out to todays mirage based culture. The 500 square foot store is but a sliver of a space, yet the screens that frame the gold mirrored DJ booth, make the space look larger then it appears.

This is clever design and word play at its best. Bravo, Family New York. Job Well Done. -tM

Photography: Dezeen Magazine

Energies and Eclipses

Finally some recognition!

The moon always takes a back seat to the sun, however one is just as important as the other. The difference is one works behind the scenes while the other takes centre stage.

This full lunar eclipse is a big one. It was/still is an important one to the first nations community as well. It is known as the sturgeon moon, for during this full moon the sturgeon always run plentiful.

Eclipses may bring about many changes universally, astrologically, and personally. Remember we are made up of 93% stardust mass (yes, look it up, it is physics and many studies have been conducted).

This particular eclipse is all about self-awareness, cleaning house, feeling the sadness, working through it, and letting it go. It is giving us the prime opportunity to leave certain life pains behind us once and for all, moving forward.

It is inspiring really, especially when the feminine energy of the moon brings about strong healing. May we all benefit from the ease of this August's full moon. -tM

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Photography: Montreal in Pictures

Sex on Wheels

YSL skate stiletto hybrid, the new impossible for women..jpg

Anyone up for a sexy twirl?

These are YSL's newest accessory.

Great for nostalgic fashion photo's, putting a new spin on an old fad (no pun intended). And for those that are taking these seriously, you need to stop taking yourself so seriously. This is obviously fashion's way of poking fun at itself in the most ridiculous of ways.

Beautiful in design, these would look great displayed somewhere in the home. They really are a great work of cultural pop art.

In short, here's to all of your roller girl, or boy fantasies, may these skate stiletto hybrids make all of your illicit dreams come true. -tM


Joan Didion's Infamous Packing List

What to pack or what not to pack,

that is always the question. There are often mental calculations involved around what you will be doing, and where you will be going. The shoes in my opinion are always the trickiest part sometimes due to whether conditions, and other times due to the geography and road conditions of the trip, so I always pack a heel and a more semi-casual flat just in case for an evening out. I like to cover all of my bases.

I like the idea of the list, keeping one in your closet so that you don't have to think about what to pack in a pinch, because no matter how often you travel it always proves to be a mental challenge. 

I also like the idea of being prepared and organized enough to be travelling with your own suitcase hooch. Although times have changed and finding a drink somewhere somehow is no longer a challenge, one never knows at what hour one will need a good stiff beverage.

That being said, may your summer journey to your destination prove to be as predictable as this list and may the rest of your vacation be agenda free. -tM

Sincere Design


is often underrated in my opinion. Who says that a headboard is necessary and that a bed need be elevated off of the floor by Western design standard. I think the asymmetry of this room is inspiring. I am drawn to the art piece immediately. This is all about sincere design. Positioning is key to the execution of great design. Don't you agree?-tM