Everything Old is New Again

I am appreciative of the attention to detail in this Italian restaurant. Merging the old world with the new, from the flag poles that fly the local news, to the booths, that with a simple mechanical turn of the table can go from an intimate seating for one to friendship for two. Function, form, and beautiful design. Once lost, now found, simplicity is here to stay. -tM

Photography: Mariell Lind

To Be or Not to Be

 Photography:  St. Elmo’s Fire

Photography: St. Elmo’s Fire

I have never understood this chase for meaning, this chase for origin, this need for assurance for our very existence. Why not give meaning and purpose to the present moment, whatever that may be. Perhaps there is no meaning, just being. Perhaps that is the greatest secret of life after all. -tM


 Photography: René Burri | Movement

Photography: René Burri | Movement

Sometimes movement doesn’t require you to take large leaps of faith, or to forge ahead at full speed. Sometimes sitting in silence is movement, an inward progression.

Recently I have been practising patience and allowing the space for life to move around and through me. While practising patience I am also respectfully moving at the pace that feels right for me. Sometimes slowing down in life makes for more meaningful action. -tM

I'm Sorry, So Sorry


I think No. 1 & 3 are the most important remember, as it may not always be ones fault. However, I am in agreement with the fact that “What can I do to make it right?” is often neglected and rarely spoken. Sometimes there is no fixing what has happened, however there is always a way to make the healing process less painful. I personally need to be more mindful of that one myself. -tM

Spaces of Serenity

 Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I love the way one would move through this room. Straight lines direct you but the curves entice you to linger a little longer, to take a seat, to loose your inhibitions.

Sensual, classic, and contemporary, the colour and texture of this space move you toward an inner state of peace. tM

The Beauty of Real

 Photography: Roe Etheridge

Photography: Roe Etheridge

The beauty of real is becoming as illusive as the snow leopard.

I don't know any other way of being, nor do I care to participate in alternate realities. I have never done well in the world of schmooze, because if I don't like you, I simply stay away from you.

I have a hand full of friends that I can rely on who are authentic themselves. Hollywood used to be the only place where illusion was celebrated, now that smoke has filtered its way into every facet of our lives. How you present yourself and choose to be is a conscious choice, and ones own prerogative, however it's a tricky illusion, and takes a lot of work to keep up the mirage.

The older I get, the more I gravitate toward the truth, even if it hurts. Because it is only from truth that one can grow, and that to me is the beauty of real. -tM

Be a Good Animal and Listen to your Instincts


LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE & INTUITION. This, and health, are the greatest gifts we are given to navigate through life with. It comes naturally, until it doesn't. Somewhere between teenage life and adulthood we accumulate an incredible amount of insecurities. 

There is no child that second guesses themselves, they know they have all they need within, that is why they shine so bright, for they move and live in truth. That too is the beauty of ageing,  you begin undoing everything that society has taught you and start relying on that voice again, on your heart. 

We have one life. Just one. What is it that you want to do with your one rare and untamed life? -tM

"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen." - Rumi

Chandelier Exploits

 Film: Diasies, 1966 | Vera Chytilova

Film: Diasies, 1966 | Vera Chytilova

This is my mood going into the weekend. There is a thrill that the week is over and the freedom of letting go of routine approaches.  

Each day is filled with infinite possibilities, but there is something about the weekend that makes us put this plausibility into action. 

Happy Weekend everyone! May your chandelier exploits elevate and motivate. -tM