Magic Carpet Ride

 Film Poster:  The Thief of Bagdad

Film Poster: The Thief of Bagdad

Lately I have been retreating into my imagination, roaming about through old memories, delving into current fascinations, and exploring new possibilities. It is all a natural reaction and effort to recharge my soul, giving my mind a rest from the dull ache of a grey winter and life's up's and down's.

I don't know what I would do without this creative power. It is my magic carpet ride. 

How do you choose to escape? -tM

Beginnings and Endings

 Artist: Martin Hill | Synergie

Artist: Martin Hill | Synergie

I read somewhere that 'it is more important how you end something then how you begin it.'

This made me think of how many beginnings I actually remembered and how many endings have actually stayed with me. Beginnings are often beautiful, or at the very least are affiliated with a new emergence, which even though may be nerve inducing, are still moments of hopeful onset that we approach in wonderment and challenge. Whereas endings, also part of the cycle of life/relationships, are often more difficult to endure; Shakespeare expressed it perfectly when he wrote: "Parting is such sweet sorrow" at the very best, and excruciatingly painful at the very worst. 

We as humans tend to suffer from a condition where focusing on the negative has become a concerning norm, and I think that we can all agree that most endings are nothing short of pleasant. How we end something can taint an entire relationship, career, or life. There seems to be more thought put into beginnings in our culture then there are to our exits. 

Like the conclusion to a great novel, we need to respect our stories enough to also put the same thought into each of our endings,  for that is what is remembered, that is what becomes our personal signature. The actions we put into endings speaks to our character,  and the way we choose to live our lives.

There are more to endings then meets the eye, they are never neat, however they always unlock the door to new beginnings -tM


Good Advice


Alicia Key's Golden Rules:


2. Perspective is EVERYTHING. How you see YOURSELF is what you will be.

3. DON'T take any shit. Tell it like it is. HOLDING it in will KILL you.

4. Do it for LOVE. Not money, not acclaim. Do it because it BURNED so deeply within you that you couldn't turn away.

5. GOOD ENERGY trumps all. A person can be the 'BEST' whoever they are,  best at whatever they do,  but if their energy isn't GOOD, don't DEAL with them.

6. Time alone will save your LIFE - don't put yourself on the back burner. One of my favourite sayings by Yogi Bahjan is: "If you don't go WITHIN, you go WITHOUT."

7. Good LOVE keeps you HAPPY and good SEX makes you HEALTHY. Have and GIVE both often.

8. DON'T give it all up. Make people use their IMAGINATION, make them want more - it's the SEXIEST tool we have.

9. The physical body is NEVER as beautiful or as POWERFUL as what's WITHIN. You can be the most outward facing beauty in the WORLD with the ugliest heart and, I PROMISE you won't look GOOD.

10. My most IMPORTANT golden rule is the ACTUAL golden rule: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' If we all did this one SIMPLE thing it could SAVE the WORLD.

Photography: Unknown

How I Know I Feel

  Artist: Tracey EMIN | How I Think I Feel, 2007

Artist: Tracey EMIN | How I Think I Feel, 2007

It has been statistically proven that when we are young, and well into our teenage years we implicitly trust ourselves and our intuition, and that by adulthood the majority of us have not only lost that trust but also that intimate connection within.

Recently I have been connecting back to how I know I feel, and have been seeking less assurance from others and looking inward for the answers. I have been in an intimate relationship with myself my whole life, so who better to trust then myself?

Perhaps it is also because during this second phase of my life I am more comfortable in my own skin, experiences have taught me lessons, and hopefully through them I have also earned some wisdom.  I am determined to live my life the way I feel is right for me from here on in, choosing not to please others but to ultimately do what is right for me and my body.

We all know how we feel, we just choose not to listen for various reasons.

Ultimately if you trust yourself, you will know how to live. It is a humbling, empowering, and freeing place to be, your intuition is your compass, let it guide you. -tM 

Cinematic Mood

 Photography: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Photography: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

I am in a romantic mood. Perhaps it's because every Friday I find inspiration in the promises of freedom that only a weekend can bring.

A slower pace of existence, one that allows space for a lingering embrace and glaces that are more intimate then words will ever be. -tM

Fleeting Moments

 Artist: Auguste Rodin | Fleeting Moments

Artist: Auguste Rodin | Fleeting Moments

All that you may think is yours, is in fact just combinations of fleeting moments,  only remembered and held on to through memory. In truth, none of it is ours, everything is fleeting.

From the moment we are born we begin to learn how to love and let go, love and let go, love and let go, "All life is just a progression toward and then a recession from, on phrase -'I love you.'" - F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's the fragility of life, love, people, moments, what makes life so incredibly beautiful and all the more poignant, yet we continuously try to cling to the eternal. We write people into poetry, to reassure ourselves of the permanence of being through legacy, architecture, memory...

Imagine just being,  knowing, and accepting that loss is part of this life while understanding that we are all just slowly moving through and toward something else in this existence.

May we all be conscious of now, as beauty moves so quickly. -tM

Back to Back

 Photography: AD France Magazine

Photography: AD France Magazine

I love the functionality of this room. It works as both a formal and informal space. The table can be used in a formal dining setting or as an informal desk/breakfast nook where one can partake in their morning coffee and paper rituals with just a removal of a chair or two.

The two sofa's back to back act as a natural yet subtle space divider with no abrupt disruption to design. The eye roams and the energy flows.

Back to back, yet with no opposition, this room works on so many levels and is an impressive example of how smart design inspires good living. -tM

Trust with a Capital "T"

 Photography: Unknown | The Gallery of Tower of Wood |  EY Centre

Photography: Unknown | The Gallery of Tower of Wood |  EY Centre

Respect and Trust are the the two corner stones or pillars of any relationship. That being said, trust is the trickier one of the two to give, and to receive. Trust is complex because people come with their own baggage in life, and usually the trust suitcase is heavier then most. 

I don't believe that you can have any relationship successfully thrive and survive without trust. More times often then nought relationships crumble without faith. It is a tricky thing to rebuild once it is lost, sometimes it takes years, and sometimes it never happens. Trust is an incredibly strong bond shared between two people yet its foundation is often fragile.

I don't know if you can trust anyone "completely" as you never know how someone will behave in anger. There are many degrees of anger, and in moments of rage, there is no telling what people will say or do. Sometimes we don't even recognize ourselves in anger, so why would we expect someone else to trust us unreservedly?

So tell me, how do you receive and give Trust in your relationships? Is it implicit, gradual, or do you avoid building close ties altogether? -tM

A Note

Jo Ann Callis.jpg

Dear World,


I quite often turn my back to you. I always have.

Since my childhood days I would lose myself in my imagination, or in the details of your beauty. You were never for consumption as a whole. 

I have always needed to take shelter from the ugliness of some of your inhabitants, from your pain, and suffering.

I have always chosen to go inward in order to continue to move forward.

So dear world, even though I continually have to turn my back to you, I also repeatedly look to your ever evolving beauty and wild ways for inspiration and motivation moving forward.

I wholeheartedly believe that your beauty, our beauty, will save the world.

You see, there is no separation between you and I, just occasional distance. -tM

Photography: Jo Ann Callis



The Short of It

The trend for F/W18 from the likes of Roksanda, Phillip Lim, to Marc Jacobs and many more are scarves and more scarves, closely tied around the neck like the exaggerated bows of our childhood.

It looks like the scarf will be the next "MUST HAVE" accessory of the season. I predict we will see them adorning, shirts, coats, even denim jackets. The neck seems to be where it's at in the days to come. -tM

Photography: Self Service Magazine | 1. Roksanda 2. Phillip Lim 3. Marc Jacobs