Vacation Mode

Slowing down,

and grooving at a different pace accompanies the warm weather and the barefoot approach to life for me. My mind, body, and spirit, are officially in vacation mode. The above photograph is illustrative of how I have been feeling for days now. I want to lounge, eat, sleep, take dips during the day, and skinny ones in the evening.

How about you? How is your affair with summer progressing? -tM

Photography: Unknown | Serge Casfinger Maison; Provence, FR

Good Design

The Art of Living,

and enjoying a space rests in the utilitarian and beauty of its design.

This Trocadero apartment's kitchen is the epitome of what it means to utilize a space to its fullest potential. Being able to hide the stove behind doors when not in use opens up new possibilities and functional uses for this already beautiful kitchen.

In North America, the stove and fridge are unnecessarily the focal point of most kitchens (and in my opinion, usually the eye sore). There is no need for either to be seen when not in use. I think we need to rethink our approach to interior design and lifestyle as there is no separating the two. Don't you agree? -tM


Photography/Design: Oliver Amsellem

The Smallest Eye


that is what I see when I look at this sketch of a needle and thread. The entire garment industry rests on the smallest eye of creation. There is no substitute for what the human hand, eye, and creative spirit can accomplish. There is more here then meets the eye. Pun intended. -tM

Artist: Man Ray | Needle and Thread, c. 1965

Tapping Palm


tapped sap from coconut spathe is used as a refreshing drink, and fermented sap is consumed as an alcoholic beverage. It is not an easy feat, on average one would tap 50 trees, twice a day proving to be much more labour intensive then tapping maple trees for syrup. There is so much beauty and bounty in passing down tradition and artisanal crafts that respect the delicate ecology of our surroundings. -tM

Photography: Kyle Weeks | Himbia People, Namibia


DELANEY+ALLEN+DOUBLE+OR+NOTHING Cherry Blossoms meet night sky.jpg

The Magic...

of a first kiss. Isn't that why we still date and dare I say even have affairs? There are so many firsts that fade into memory and never feel like firsts ever again, except for the kiss. A kiss has the enormous possibility of changing everything.

The first kiss is magic, the second, incredibly intimate, and yet there is something unrivaled about a kiss that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips.

Like cherry blossoms meeting the night sky, the first kiss is intoxicating and incredibly short lived, and in that lays its beauty. -tM

Photography: Delany Allen | Double or Nothing

At Long Last

Yes boys, Summer is here.

As the temperatures rise, let your inhibitions dissolve. In liberation we peel our layers of clothing away like a second skin; in hopes of feeling lighter, literally and metaphorically. Moved by the  anticipation of feeling the wind, sun, and rain on our skin we emerge slightly more aware of ourselves in relation to the world, connecting us to what little faith we have left and perhaps even allowing the summer to wash away some of our own cynicism.

It is hopeful, summer that is. Life's vibration has elevated.  Remain open to it, one never knows what the magic of summer may bring your way. -tM

Photography: Helmut Newton | August

Summer in the City Survival Guide

Meet me on the rooftop.

There is no place to go but up when the heat rises in the city. Here are a few of my summer in the city survival tips:

1. Finding a rooftop and pool for heat and street crowd relief.

2. Finding clothes the keep you cool but don't make you look like you have lost your way coming back from the beach or that make you look like you have recently taken up a "new" profession.

3. Steer clear of weekend crowds coming in from the burbs as tourists.

4. Find your go to restaurant/watering hole, make it your home away from home quick getaway.

5. Try to get out of the city on those weekends when tourists over take the streets and head up north for some skinny dipping lake time.

6. Park time is a MUST, you need relief from the concrete heat and the feet need to connect to mother earth.

7. Step away from the car and the traffic and WALK; WALK like you have never walked before. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

8. Enjoy the heat, we have been waiting for it all year, let the sun set on your vitamin D deficient skin, and take it nice and slow.

9. Let go, let go, let go...

Photography: George Steinmetz | Mercer Pool, NYC Summer Afternoon


Studio Space.

I have always wanted to have my own studio space, L'Atelier; even though I have no reason for such a desire or request. I find them to be places of inspiration and messy beauty, where chaos and creativity give birth to new life, and creation is conceived with fire in the soul. 

I imagine I would paint, draw, write, dance, choreograph as well as compose music on my piano. It would be a place where I would be born and reborn on the wings of desire; and my creativity would speak for me, in truth and honesty, if only in the confines of those walls. -tM                                                                                





Photography: Luigi Ghirri | Studio, 1989-90

Patio Season


a sexy hybrid between a garden and deck, the are King in my book. Dating back to 15th & 16th centuries they first appeared in the Andalusian region,  Persia and several Arab countries.

"Patio" is the Spanish word for "back garden." A 1950's novelty in North America, they didn't see there heyday until the 1970's housing boom, where almost every home came equipped with one of these soiree terraces.

I love the colour and geometric design of this particular one. I am thinking a martini, palazzo pants, and a headscarf would be the perfect accoutrement.

Oh Patio season how I adore you. -tM

Vintage Patio, 1956. Photography: Unknown

Market to Market to Market

The Mexican

market bag. Colourful, beautiful, practical and can be folded into a quarter of its size to fit neatly into your tote/purse/suitcase if travelling to be used as an easy breezy beach bag.

The French

market bag. Simple and chic, there are many variations on these. This woven beauty takes the place of your own purse and becomes a way of moving through the landscape of summer, in Provence, or through a city weekend market. Beach chic is also an option if you are local and not needing to fold and stow away in a suitcase.

The 70's American

macramé market bag, is useful in a climate that is always warm and sunny. Whenever I see these I specifically think of California markets and days that run into nights. Practical in size and space I find these are not as sturdy as the Mexican and the French market bags, but for a light shop and a romp around town and for that impromptu stop over at the beach they do the trick.