My Own Private Idaho

I revisited this film last night. I haven't seen it since its debut in 1991. I have a different appreciation for it now. Loosely based on Shakespeare's King Henry IV,  the two story lines running parallel to one another, are one of privilege and boredom, and the other of desperation and necessity. 

The film houses both the grit and beauty of life,  poignantly highlighted by the cinematography,  becoming a writing of its own in images, movement, and in sound.  -tM

Prescription: Patience

 Photography: René Burri | Chicago, Illionois | 1971

Photography: René Burri | Chicago, Illionois | 1971

When you see the signs, and know that it is time for patience yet you want to charge through from the sidelines. I have been in that very situation many times.

Too much time in our world is spent on expression, and not enough on perception. Waiting and patience are crucial not only to intelligent expression but also to understanding, and growth. Everything beautiful in life requires some form of waiting. 

You cannot rush nature, as part of that nature, if rushed, pushed, and forced into action, one automatically eliminates the germination stage, a crucial process of life and well being, leading to an outcome of eventual chaos. 

Even though every action comes to an end, patience can be eternal. You can wait for eternity for some experiences.  There is a reason why patience is a virtue, and a reason why we need to be more conscious of teaching it and of its practice in such fast moving times. Patience allows life to fall into place. -tM 

9 1/2 Weeks Style

I had forgotten how many great fashion moments there were in the film 9 1/2 Weeks. 

This Vogue shoot with Anja Rubik clearly took inspiration from some of the more evocative scenes. However, throughout the film I loved the play on the masculine and feminine, of the evocative and powerful, of soft and hard. The exploration of our dual nature is also reflected externally in the films choice of fashion and design. 

It is well worth watching again just for the fashion and design inspiration. -tM


 Photography: tM

Photography: tM

"Mir," in Serbian translated  means "peace."  We don't say "leave me alone" in Serbian, we say "leave me in peace."  Peace has always been a topic of discussion in my childhood home. World peace, solitary time kind of peace, and peace of mind. There were never any solutions offered just philosophical discussions led by my father. 

I have always loved just saying that word. "Mir," it is strong on its entrance and soft on its exist.  Some words really feel like what they mean. This is one of them for me. -tM


Freedom in Acceptance

 Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I read this quote the other day that spoke about acceptance as being a new type of freedom.

Although immediately realizing its depth, the quote however, sat with me for a couple of days.  I began to think about how that practice could potentially change the world. Again, like in most cases, it brought me back to the self, self-acceptance, and if you cannot accept yourself then how are your truly excepting anyone else without expectations, without restrictions,.

Imagine a world of accepting one another, all starting with the self.  I think that just may be the ultimate freedom and the root to all other freedoms branching off from there.

Perhaps our definition of freedom needs to be evaluated in this new day and age. Somewhere, somehow it seems to have lost its meaning. 

"Freedom in Acceptance", I will be earnestly putting this to practice. -tM


The Beauty of a Sunset

 Photography: René Burri | Rio de Janeiro

Photography: René Burri | Rio de Janeiro

Sunsets, and Sunrises are incredibly important parts of my day, each signifying something separate but equally important to me. Not only does it reinforce the power of renewal but also of release. Sunsets for me,  are synonymous with letting go, freeing myself from whatever the day brought with it, energies, annoyances, even the good. I try to release what I can and start anew the next day.

There has always been something so incredibly grounding and soothing about the end of the day and the setting of the sun. -tM

The State of Creating

 Photography: Luigi Ghirri, Modena, 1974

Photography: Luigi Ghirri, Modena, 1974

I like the magic and fantasy that is implicit to this photograph.

I am taken back to childhood realities, where freedom was synonymous with exploration, where imagination was king, and where possibilities didn't yet have limitations. A time where you possessed nothing but yourself. 

Years later,  I find myself reversing much of what the world has taught me, going back to a place where I was the Queen of my inner castle, where authenticity and truth were both bound in trust of who I was and knew myself to be. A place where my intuition was my guide and were possibilities were only limited by ones imagination. So here I am attempting to liberate the mind, and letting loose the grip on "control." 

It's a process, and someday's are easier then others, but like anything else in life, it's a journey, and in this case, a homecoming. -tM


Miss Liberty

While she was being built there were parts of her gracing specific locations from Paris to the United States. 

This kind of process display would never happen today. I think her fragmented tour was an interesting way to at the very least make space in the workshop while the rest of her was being shipped off piece to piece to her final resting place. It also gave people the appreciation of her exact proportions, which were to say at the very least, quite intimidating. -tM

Photography: Photo No. 1: Edgar L. Owen, the rest are Unknown, 1800's

1. Paris Fair, 2. Philadelphia, 3. New York, New York

Book Me

 Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I tend to read books with a pencil in hand, studying each line, reading between them, allowing them to penetrate my very core. Old habits die hard.

I approach books with reckless abandon, and then the student in me emerges, and the writer in me gets so inspired that I need to underline phrases that move me, put an asterisk beside them and dog ear the pages so that I remember there wisdom.

If I were to pin every page to the wall that has ever inspired me, I would also have documentation of my growth. 

There is no accounting for the power of the written word and the insight it dispenses into human behaviour. -tM