Provacative Entrances

This intriguing entrance,

is an exemplary illustration of architecture's strong feminine side.

An entrance created by architect Aurelio Galfetti in Switzerland to the Castelgrande complex could not be anymore enticing, mysterious, and alluring. It stands in respect of mother nature. Its creation rises from the side of a rock wall, as its keyhole entrance invites you into a deep cavernous hallway eventually leading you into light and marvel. The feminine parts and supremacy of a masculine whole, at least that is what I observe when I peer through this keyhole. -tM

Photography: Unknown

Cinematic Vacations

A vacation state of mind,

means slowing down the pace of everything, the luxury of sleeping in, no longer being held to the constraints of time, turning corners you have previously only walked by, and just being able to say "F*&# it, Let's go to _____________" you fill in the blank.

For me vacation is all of those expected and unexpected moments that allow life the space to breathe and new opportunities for desire to develop.

What do vacations entail for you? Tell me. -tM

Photography: Film "More", 1969 | Director: Barbet Schroeder

Tapis de Plage

The Beware,

"I am watching you don't you dare take my chair," beach towel.


The Cleopatra

palm towel, for those hot city pool days and no palm in sight stay-cations.

-Olivier Desforges

When the Pattern Marks the Spot

towel. Chic, and timeless, just like the company you like to keep. -tM


Using the above as inspiration.  I believe it is time for a tapis de plage upgrade pour moi.

Intimate Details

The intimacy

of certain rooms in a space become synonymous with private matters. The restroom is one of those for me. The beauty and intricacies of this space are just as important to me as any other, if not more so. It is a place where I begin and end my day, a place of waking up, making myself beautiful, engaging in rituals passed down from childhood, to ones I have grown into. A place where the water cleanses away the days residue, and where a good soak in the tub could awaken a rebirth, or at the very least a mind, body, and soul, rejuvenation. It is a room that allows another kind of intimacy to take shape; time for the self. And moments like that should never be rushed. -tM

Photography: Unknown | Casa Mollino Museum | Former home for Architect Carlo Mollino

Hydration on the Go: Then and Now

The Leather Bota Bag

was popular in my house in the 1970's. If my dad went fishing this is what he carried his water in. We all drank from the same canteen. We need to bring these back as a chic alternative to being green. Perhaps this could be the  next ironically-cool hipster accessory.

The Designer Water Purse

for those sexy water breaks. It couldn't get more practical and chicer then that. Now you can carry two purses at once. Ahhh, every woman's dream. Water, it does a body good. -tM

On Pablo


ordinary everyday things are closely examined by Neruda. The aspects of our modern life are handled, turned around, and examined with love, care, and attention. 

Sensuous and powerful in conveying to us what we are at the root of our existence, there is something incredibly powerful about the way he glorifies mundane life experiences; urgently sweeping you away,  into a world established in truth and bound by nature in the most amorous of ways. It is truly the stuff that makes up life's narrative. -tM

If you feel ever so inspired to swim in the vast sea of his poetry a little longer, take the time to watch Il Postino, a beautiful film and reminder about what is truly important in life.

In Gratitude

On Saturday night the full moon landed in the eleventh house of Capricorn and Gratitude. The Gratitude moon always appears in July. In homage to our pagan ancestors, we sat on the rooftop in appreciation and silently gave acknowledgement to all of our blessings. -tM

"The moon lives in the lining of your skin." - Pablo Neruda

Photography: tM (when the light goes down so does the quality of the I-phone camera).

The Sea of Light

The texture

and detail here is fierce. Joel Meyerowitz was one of the first to make full use of colour photography. The usage of light in his photography is just as, if not more important then the idea's he is shooting. He has a way of making you long for moments lost in the most sentimental of ways. -tM

Photography: Joel Meyerozitz | "The Eye of Photography" Still Life

The Theatre of Streets

Photography: Joel Meyerowitz | NYC late 60's and 70's.


I appreciate street photography for its candid truth and historical documentation. The above photographs in particular also convey a nostalgic feeling closely affiliated with my childhood. Although I did not grow up in NYC, the neighbourhood I came from and all of its realities are reminiscent of the contrasts exhibited in these precise moments formerly captured by Mr. Meyerowitz. -tM


Rooftop views elevate.

There is a shift in energy and perspective when one leaves the chaos of the city streets below and takes to parading on the rooftops beyond. 

The things that are difficult to say become less so when intimately reacquainting oneself with the sky. There is an ineffable freedom found amongst rooftops. Even courage finds new opportunity amongst sunsets and the sunrises.  They are places where you are permitted to shout your truths and know that they will be heard in confidence. A place where the world on the ground dissolves into a distant memory. -tM


Photography: Unknown | Marrakech

In Residence: Xavier Corbero

A sculptor and visionary, his home is a living breathing continuous work and exploration. He began building in 1968 on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain and still continues to add life through new construction. It is composed of gallery spaces, workshops, living areas, and artists residences. This is a sculptural and architectural marvel. -tM