To Be or Not to Be

 Photography:  St. Elmo’s Fire

Photography: St. Elmo’s Fire

I have never understood this chase for meaning, this chase for origin, this need for assurance for our very existence. Why not give meaning and purpose to the present moment, whatever that may be. Perhaps there is no meaning, just being. Perhaps that is the greatest secret of life after all. -tM


 Photography: René Burri | Movement

Photography: René Burri | Movement

Sometimes movement doesn’t require you to take large leaps of faith, or to forge ahead at full speed. Sometimes sitting in silence is movement, an inward progression.

Recently I have been practising patience and allowing the space for life to move around and through me. While practising patience I am also respectfully moving at the pace that feels right for me. Sometimes slowing down in life makes for more meaningful action. -tM

Be a Good Animal and Listen to your Instincts


LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE & INTUITION. This, and health, are the greatest gifts we are given to navigate through life with. It comes naturally, until it doesn't. Somewhere between teenage life and adulthood we accumulate an incredible amount of insecurities. 

There is no child that second guesses themselves, they know they have all they need within, that is why they shine so bright, for they move and live in truth. That too is the beauty of ageing,  you begin undoing everything that society has taught you and start relying on that voice again, on your heart. 

We have one life. Just one. What is it that you want to do with your one rare and untamed life? -tM

"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen." - Rumi

You Are Here

When you accept and respect where you are at, and begin to go with the flow of your surroundings, life begins to flourish within and around you. -tM

Photography: Unknown

The Sky is not the Limit

 Photography: Marcel Gautherot 

Photography: Marcel Gautherot 

The sky has always been a place of escape for me. When the world feels too much with me, I look up, and continue looking up, until I feel a release.

Like the sea, I need the sky because it teaches me; in constant motion and evolve, its fluidity is a reminder to be open and to bend when necessary.

The sea, the sky, the mountains, and the forest alike, all have the ability to remind me of how little I am all the while connecting me to myself as I tap into this larger force of life.

The sky will always be a place of magic for me. -tM

"Look carefully, because what you are going to see is not what you just saw."               - Leonardo da Vinci

Own It


"Blame happens when you want to be right. Accountability happens when you want to be free. Which do you want to be? " - Ebonee Davis

If you realize that your life is 100% your responsibility there is absolutely no reason to be resentful toward anyone. No one forced your decisions upon you, they are reflective of where you were at that point in your life.  Accept it. Reflect on it, Learn from it, and move forward.

Freedom grows from acceptance. -tM

Prescription: Patience

 Photography: René Burri | Chicago, Illionois | 1971

Photography: René Burri | Chicago, Illionois | 1971

When you see the signs, and know that it is time for patience yet you want to charge through from the sidelines. I have been in that very situation many times.

Too much time in our world is spent on expression, and not enough on perception. Waiting and patience are crucial not only to intelligent expression but also to understanding, and growth. Everything beautiful in life requires some form of waiting. 

You cannot rush nature, as part of that nature, if rushed, pushed, and forced into action, one automatically eliminates the germination stage, a crucial process of life and well being, leading to an outcome of eventual chaos. 

Even though every action comes to an end, patience can be eternal. You can wait for eternity for some experiences.  There is a reason why patience is a virtue, and a reason why we need to be more conscious of teaching it and of its practice in such fast moving times. Patience allows life to fall into place. -tM 

Freedom in Acceptance

 Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I read this quote the other day that spoke about acceptance as being a new type of freedom.

Although immediately realizing its depth, the quote however, sat with me for a couple of days.  I began to think about how that practice could potentially change the world. Again, like in most cases, it brought me back to the self, self-acceptance, and if you cannot accept yourself then how are your truly excepting anyone else without expectations, without restrictions,.

Imagine a world of accepting one another, all starting with the self.  I think that just may be the ultimate freedom and the root to all other freedoms branching off from there.

Perhaps our definition of freedom needs to be evaluated in this new day and age. Somewhere, somehow it seems to have lost its meaning. 

"Freedom in Acceptance", I will be earnestly putting this to practice. -tM


The Beauty of a Sunset

 Photography: René Burri | Rio de Janeiro

Photography: René Burri | Rio de Janeiro

Sunsets, and Sunrises are incredibly important parts of my day, each signifying something separate but equally important to me. Not only does it reinforce the power of renewal but also of release. Sunsets for me,  are synonymous with letting go, freeing myself from whatever the day brought with it, energies, annoyances, even the good. I try to release what I can and start anew the next day.

There has always been something so incredibly grounding and soothing about the end of the day and the setting of the sun. -tM

The State of Creating

 Photography: Luigi Ghirri, Modena, 1974

Photography: Luigi Ghirri, Modena, 1974

I like the magic and fantasy that is implicit to this photograph.

I am taken back to childhood realities, where freedom was synonymous with exploration, where imagination was king, and where possibilities didn't yet have limitations. A time where you possessed nothing but yourself. 

Years later,  I find myself reversing much of what the world has taught me, going back to a place where I was the Queen of my inner castle, where authenticity and truth were both bound in trust of who I was and knew myself to be. A place where my intuition was my guide and were possibilities were only limited by ones imagination. So here I am attempting to liberate the mind, and letting loose the grip on "control." 

It's a process, and someday's are easier then others, but like anything else in life, it's a journey, and in this case, a homecoming. -tM


Light My Way


Dear Nature,

You never cease to amaze me. 

You are incredibly beautiful even in your anger. You are patient and tolerant in ways that we need to be.

You exist simply, beautifully.

You know when to let go and when to unleash your hurt. It is out of desire and purpose that you create.

You hold the basis to our cognitive, spiritual, and aesthetic satisfaction.

I will always feel like a child in your presence. -tM

Photography: tM



 Cinematography: Le Mepris, 1963

Cinematography: Le Mepris, 1963

The letting go that comes a long with the warm weather reminds us that most of the time all we really need to heal  is sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet.

Who needs the spa when you make the time to dip your feet into the water, and allow space for balance in your life. -tM

Out of Office

 Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I am out of office and could not be happier for it. In that same spirit, I am also setting a theme for this summer of mine:

I plan on embracing the spontaneity of life, and also its idleness. It will be a time of both adventure and impulsiveness as well as practising the art of being silent in observance of everything and nothing around me.  A time to be still in moments when there are no distractions, accepting what is, where I am, and how I feel. 

I look forward to what may be, in present and in future. -tM


 Photography: tM

Photography: tM

Never Blame Anyone
by Pablo Neruda

Never complain about anyone, nor anything,
because basically you have done
what you wanted in your life.

Accept the difficulty of improving yourself
and the courage to start changing yourself.
The triumph of the true man emerges from
the ashes of his mistake.

Never complain about your loneliness or your
luck, face it with courage and accept it.
In one way or another it is the outcome of
your acts and the thought that you always
have to win.

Don’t be embittered by your own failure or
blame it on another, accept yourself now or
you’ll keep making excuses for yourself like a child.
Remember that any time is
a good time to begin and that nobody
is so horrible that they should give up.

Don’t forget that the cause of your present
is your past, as well as the cause of your
future will be your present.

Learn from the bold, the strong,
those who don’t accept situations, who
will live in spite of everything. Think less in
your problems and more in your work and
your problems, without eliminating them, will die.

Learn how to grow from the pain and to be
greater than the greatest of those
obstacles. Look at yourself in the mirror
and you will be free and strong and you will stop
being a puppet of circumstances because you
yourself are your own destiny.

Arise and look at the sun in the mornings
and breathe the light of the dawn.
You are part of the force of your life;
now wake up, fight, get going, be decisive
and you will triumph in life. Never think about
luck because luck is
the pretext of losers.

The message is loud and clear, never play the victim and accept yourself and the circumstances of your life. Another noteworthy poem and memo from the late great P.N. -tM

Summertime Ease

 Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Slowing the pace of life down takes on a different meaning depending on your life's circumstances.

Part of the ease into summer for me is taking the time to slow down outdoors. Summer mornings are full of life,  the days are lush and ripe, and the nights throb with all that is vital to our existence.

It is a raw and naked season that leads us back to ourselves and to what is simple in life. -tM